Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My day today

I decided to go to the gym again tonight on my own straight from work, i haven't been for nearly a week now so it was hard getting going again. Chris was there and when he had a shower afterwards he had a massive bruise on his lower back and arse (not that i was looking especially ;-).

When i asked him how he did it he went into a long laborious story that seemed to go on forever. Basically he fell down some stairs on his arse, but as we were both standing naked in the shower it was getting a bit uncomfortable listening to all the details, especially as it was going on and on and on. I wanted to walk away but that would have been rude as he was still talking. And i was trying to keep my head at eye level so i didn't look at his cock whilst he was chatting. At the same time there is only so much washing yourself you can do before it starts to look like your wanking yourself off, so in the end i made up a story that i was gonna have to go because i was meeting Daniel in 10 minutes.
When we finished and got dressed we walked out of the changing area together and through the Gym.

Unbeknown to me Daniel had come in and was working out. 'what are you doing here ?' he said. Oh yeh, i was supposed to be meeting you weren't i ? i said.
'No i don't think so', said Daniel. 'Well i thought i did', said i, 'No', said Daniel 'I've no idea what your talking about'.
Why do i lie in situations that don't really require one ?. All i need to do is tell the truth and everything will be ok. The only time i tell lies is in stupid situations like this.
When i was a kid i was in a shop and a bottle of pop fell off a shelf, i didn't touch it, no one touched it in fact, it was nothing to do with me and i was nowhere near it at the time. As it smashed to the ground everyone turned round and looked my way. I immediately pointed to an old lady and said it was her who caught it with her brolly.
I still to this day can't think why i did it.

Daniel came round afterwards and we discussed Jack. I don't think he likes him very much because he was very critical of him. I don't think they had any bad words for each other but i did sense that they weren't really hitting it off the other night. I can't work out why, i just think things didn't gel.
I'm a bit worried about this because it's important that they do get on OK at least. I have known Daniel a long time now and he is a close friend, when my life was upside down, he was my lifeline. Whoever joins my list of mates has to fit in with all the others as well. I don't expect them to love each other, but there is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of two people who don't get on.
The more i think about it Jack didn't mention Daniel at all over the weekend. Nothing good or bad, he didn't even ask how i knew him, how long i had known him or anything really.
Not a good sign.

As i type this the Michael Jackson Memorial Concert is on the telly. It looks like a cross between an awards ceremony and a pop concert.
Did i really see a coffin at the front of the stage with Mariah Carey singing at it ?


vilges suola said...

I wouldn't worry about all your mates getting on. The longer you have them, the more likelihood they will get across with one another. I have friends who can't abide one another but I refuse to get involved. It just means I see good things in them that they refuse to see in each other. Also I offer the dreadfully sexist view that us men are more tolerant and forgiving than women are - all my friends are women, which is why I say this.

naturgesetz said...

Too bad they don't seem to like each other. A bit of jealousy perhaps? If so, maybe they'll be more comfortable when they realize there's room for both of them in your life. I hope so. If it's a personality conflict, then I hope they can at least tolerate each other. And maybe you can make separate times for each.

Mambam said...

Yes i agree with you both i suppose. At least i don't have to worry about them doing anything together behind my back (LOL)
I may suggest that to Daniel.
Perhaps if we tried a threesome they would both be less jealous ;-)