Monday, 6 July 2009


A busy weekend, so busy i didn't blog.

On Friday night i went to Halifax with Jack. His family and friends live there and the idea was to pop in, say hello and then go for a few drinks. He would show me round the area where he came from and meet a couple of friends.
I had strict instructions not to say anything about us. But I was quite happy with that. Why the hell you would want to make major announcement's about yourself as soon as you meet new people I’ll never know. Unless it’s someone your are wanting to cop off with anyway.
And I’m not one to be showing affection in public so no worries there either. But I’m under no illusion as to why I’m to keep my gob shut. He doesn’t want his family and friends to know the truth of us.

So anyways, once we sorted out the rules of engagement we set off and it took bloody ages to get there, because it was the other side of Halifax nearer to Bradford or Keighley, I’m not sure where, I wasn’t driving and I wasn’t looking out the window enough. I was lost to be honest.
They were nice enough people. Normal parents, normal family, normal mates.
We went to a local pub and chatted about shit, then later on we went into town for a couple of drinks as well. I have been to Halifax before a long time ago. It’s only a small town but there is a pub or a club within yards of each other on practically every street corner.
You can walk out of one and straight into another in no more than 10 steps. It seemed a bit rough though (and that coming from someone who lives in Oldham) and the clientele aren’t exactly people you would want to meet up a dark alleyway either (I’m talking about the fellas here by the way). So we just got pissed and had a laugh.

Jack was driving, so two bottles early on for him, then coke the rest of the night and a Chinese last thing.
Then the plan was to take me home. But we took a detour to his place.

It's a nice little house, no garden, just a yard at the front and back. One bedroom and a bit small inside, but in a nice area and everything looks all new and clean.
Makes my place look like a dump.
I won't go into the details of the next few hours, but needless to say the birds were twittering and it was light outside before i eventually diffted off to sleep.

I hadn't planned on stopping at his place so the next morning (or should i say just after lunch) when we got up i wanted to get home fairly soon to change and put some clean cloths on. Worryingly Jack had a spare toothbrush for me to use (planned?) but you need more than that don't you ?.
Saturday we just chilled out at my place. I can't even remember what we did or talked about. We slept most of the afternoon (and i mean sleep as well). so that meant that by evening we were both wide awake and ready to go out again.

I rang Daniel and Rachel came as well with her new Boyfriend. The more i see of him the more i realise how hot he is. Then we went to a couple of local places we knew people would be at and i sort of introduced Jack to my mates. I say sort of because i just introduced him as a mate that's all.
I was skint so not much drinking took place really and then it was back to my place this time, and, er, same thing as last night.

This may all sound boring to you as i'm leaving out the detail i know. I can't say more without switching the adult content warning on for this blog. But lets just say, we talked and talked then had a break from talking, then we talked some more.
The best bits where when we had a break for talking, LOL.

Jack left my house at about 5pm on Sunday and if i'm honest i was glad. It was getting a bit intense. Too much, i needed my space again and i was tired and starting to get a bit ratty.
I won't see him now until next weekend and i think that's about right.
I'm not sure if this is a relationship that is going anywhere, especially if i'm thinking like this already. But it's fun at the moment so let's enjoy the ride.

Tonight i need to chill. I'm going nowhere and doing nothing.


vilges suola said...

It sounds great. Enjoy it, lucky bugger. My ideal would be a weekend boyfriend - just to get together for talk, a few - no, a lot - of drinks and a meal out and loads of shagging, then that's it for the next five days. This has to be made explicit from the off, though. Otherwise people start getting ideas of love and permanence and exclusivity, none of which I am up for. Maybe this also explains why I am celibate...

Mambam said...

Myabe you could come round for a threesome one weekend Vilges (LOL)
Perhaps you need to find someone in the closet yourself.
They are great. Or at least it seems just right at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic time. Glad you guys are having fun and keeping it real too.