Friday, 24 July 2009

Power Nap

I'm Not working tonight so the weekend really does start here again.

I'm feeling knackered though and as i'm not meeting Jack and going out till about 9ish i think i'm gonna try something i have never done before. have a little sleep before i go out.
If i have a kip on the sofa i always feel horrible afterwards, all groggy and tired as if i have been awoken at three in a morning and forced to get up.
But i know others who can have power naps and feel refreshed and awake afterwards.

Rachel told me that she read somewhere you shouldn't have any more that 30 minutes for a power sleep. Any longer and you drift into a deeper sleep and this is why you wake up feeling terrible. Stick to 30 minutes and you get the refreshment without the groggy feeling afterwards. But how do you time your sleep ?. I'm not the sort of person who closes my eyes and just turns off. I can lie there tossing (literally, lol) and turning for an hour before i eventually get off. And how do you then know when your 30 minutes is gone and it's time to wake up again ?. This sounds ridiculous but i'm gonna set the alarm of my Mobile and try it that way. 30 minutes and counting...close my eyes and.......Go !. I can't see itworking can you ?.
It will either help me have a good night out or completely ruin it.

Jack does a lot of work South Mancs and is taking me to a place he knows somewhere near Cheadle. We will be passing Stockport and he wants to pop into Dave's to drop some Money off that he owes him (what's all that about?).
Anyways it will give me a chance to mention the filthy pictures he sent the other day. LOL.

Work has been shit today. An atmosphere in the office that has been unbearable. No arguments or shouting, just silence and everyone looking fed up. Misery, like happiness is infectious, and i caught it big style today.
Thank god it's Friday.


naturgesetz said...

Maybe you have to train yourself to drop off right away. Keep lying down with the alarm set for 30 min. until your body learns "This means nap time. Go to sleep now."

Or maybe it only works when you're already drowsy. Anyway, If it doesn't work today, try it again.

vilges suola said...

Let us know if it works. I too feel like shit if I sleep during the day - I avoided siestas even though I lived in Greece for 15 years, where everyone crashes out between two and five.

Antony said...

Yeah did it work?


A x