Wednesday, 26 August 2009


I met Rachel for lunch today. I didn’t eat anything myself, i'm still not right, but it saved spending any money. a cup of tea and that's it. Even more money saved for the weekend ;-).

She had a book with her by James Patterson and when she went to the loo I had a flick through it.
It was a big thick hardback book with hundreds of pages in it. But on closer inspection half were blank and the rest had big writing all spread out down the page. Chapter 42 started on page 120 with chapter 43 began on 121. I thought to myself, I could write like that. In fact I probably do on this blog.
But I suppose it’s not the presentation it’s the content isn’t it? Lord of the rings looks spectacular in book form, but I thought it was a shit read so what do i know?.

I have books all over the house, mostly out of the way where visitors can't see them. Some of my friends see reading books as the equivalent of wearing corduroy trousers. Unless it’s porn of course, that’s ok, you can leave that out. But everything else has to be hidden LOL. i Think your book collection is like your CD collection, it's up for criticism when it's on show. There is always some tosser who will pick it up and say 'what the bloody hell are you doing with this?'
I can be reading three books at the same time. Mindless autobiographies or diaries are kept in the bathroom/toilet, Interesting history type stuff is in the bedroom and the odd novel is under the cushions in the main room.

This makes me sound quite studious but when I say the autobiography currently sitting in my toilet is that of Robbie Williams and the History book in my bedroom is actually on The music industry then you won't be surprised to know that the novel (my least favourite type of book) is some mindless crap about a Guy coming out and shagging everyone he meets whilst struggling with his sexuality (poor soul).
Even if they are absolute shite (Chris Moyles) i still have to finish them.

But at least I read books. Daniel doesn’t even read newspapers, or anything come to think of it. I once asked him the last time he actually sat down and read something. Harry Potter, The Daily Mirror, a pamphlet, anything.
He said it was probably at school. Why read books when you can see the film?, why read newspapers when you can turn on SKY News?. And at the end of the day what is the Internet if not pages and pages of words that need reading before you click a mouse to get to the pictures of someone with no cloths on.

He has a point i suppose. Look at some of the weird collection of books (all read i might add) i have on the top of my wardrobe for instance.
Transaction accounting is a work thing, honest. and all the Piers Morgan ones are my dads. But the rest are off market stalls and charity shops. I still picked them though. Why ?
It's like showing someone your CD collection and suddenly finding Barbie Girl in the middle of it.


vilges suola said...

'Some of my friends see reading books as the equivalent of wearing corduroy trousers.' Oh,no, Jesus Christ Allbloodymighty, tell me that's a joke?!?!?!? REALLY? Where do they get their ideas from, if they ever have any? How do they ever experience anything outside of their own tiny minds and grotty little patch of England?

Keep your books on display! The fact that you read explains why you want (need?) to write a blog and why you are so observant!

Michael Rivers said...

I think it's important to read a big variety of books. I always switch writers and genres. By doing this, I've become a better writer myself. The more you are exposed to, the better you become.

By the way, James Patterson is wonderful! I read all his stuff.

Mambam said...


Actually the James Patterson book also looked like it was the sort of thing i could handle.
I might give it a go and let you know.


Yes, believe it or not there are people out there who don't read. Not because they can't. they just don't. Where do they get their ideas from ?. Telly ! and apart from Blackpool, Benidorm & Ibiza. They don't leave their little patch of England
Scary huh ?, Or sad perhaps.
I might write more about my education and the life i lead here in my part of the world.
It's not always as simple as you think.

And when you say keep your books on display do you still mean Chris Moyles - The Difficult Second Book ?

vilges suola said...

As simple as I think? Not sure what you mean. We come from pretty much the same part of the world. I was born in Huddersfield and my parents still live there.