Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Can't write for toffee

Someone sent me an e-mail picking me up on my writing skills tonight. My spelling is terrible sometimes and i don't check over things enough before i post them to make sure i iron out mistakes first.
I felt like i was getting a ticking off from my teacher, but i wasn't offended, it came from a good place and the guy was very nice and encouraging about it all.

Can i just say thought that i am not a writer i know. I did nothing at school, i came away with hardly any qualifications and i never try make out that this blog will be anything special.
It's just a little hobby thing for me, an online diary to write my crap on. And like all good diary's should it takes me minutes to do, that's why i manage to keep it up every day and i'm not bored with it yet. The second it becomes a chore and taking forever to do, i'll stop completely.
But just like reading more should help with your spelling, surely writing more will help with your writing skills (or lack of them).
I always felt that if i had gone to school more often and paid more attention i could have made something of my life but circumstance shit all over that idea, maybe i will write about that sometime in the future.
But for now you should expect spelling mistakes, bad grammar and unintelligible sentences. It's me I'm afraid. i can't help it.


naturgesetz said...

This actually relates more to earlier posts, but now you know I've seen this one too.

If you don't follow James's "Just Me" blog and you aren't familiar with the group's work already, you may enjoy this little ditty. When I heard the opening lines I thought of your situation.

Not that I'm suggesting that you actually say this to the boss. Just that this may be sorta how you feel.


John said...

Nobody's perfect, and a blog is a blog. Who care's if there's a typo or punctuation error or a word not capitalized.

I agree, the day it becomes a chore or takes forever will be end of mine too.

Larry Ohio said...

Everyone else makes lots of mistakes too. Don't worry about it. I sure don't. This is just a hobby after all. We are not professionals.

vilges suola said...

You have a good eye and ear for details about people's relationships and habits and pretentions, and you have obviously managed to find the right style to attract a fair number of followers, so cut the crap about 'can't write for toffee'.

However, why NOT improve the spelling and punctuation? The rules are not state secrets. With due respect to Larry, mistakes are avoidable and if everyone decides to ignore them, the quality of writing gets dumbed down. Just because a lot of people make mistakes in writing, does that excuse them?

End of teacherly sermon. If you have been, thanks for listening.

P.S. Sorry, Michael, I can't resist this, 'cloths' are what you do the kitchen floor with, and 'clothes' ae what you wear.

OK I'll shut up now.

Mambam said...


Thanks for that, love the smiths and this song just about says everything about my life. Even though it must be 20 years old.


Getting comments from people helps as well, thanks.


I have other hobbies, but we won't go into them here ;-)

Feel free to help me improve on my spelling it won't offend. My personal hate are people who use text speak to communicate. so i know what you are saying.

Clothes not cloths, right. But if you saw some of my clothes i'm sure you would be telling me to change it back to cloths.

Antony said...

I love your blog lol. Makes perfect sense to me!

Hugs and take care,

Antony x