Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Bath time

Shouldn't i be feeling better by now ?. Well i went to work today but i wish i hadn't. After the first few minutes asking how i was and what i thought i had. No-one cared any more and things just carried on as normal.

Just to rub salt in the wounds Daniel rang at lunch time and asked if i would be interested in going for a couple of drinks tonight with Howard ?. Have you forgotten i have been in bed ill all weekend ?. 'Oh yeah, how ya doing now, better?' No call from Jack either. He text me to say sorry and that he has been really busy.
People don't give a shit do they ?.
I've felt really frustrated and tired. After lunch i just wanted to curl up in a ball on the top of the desk and go to sleep. Why can't we have a siesta after lunch like they do in Mexico or Spain.

On the other hand having a longer lunch means you work longer into your evening. Under normal circumstances i would rather miss out on breaks and lunch altogether if could go home an hour earlier.
The boss and his wife had a spectacular stand up row before i came away tonight. The full on screaming and shouty thing that could be heard in every corner of the building. I was on the phone and had to stick my finger in the other ear just to be able to hear what the customer was saying. Not very professional, in fact embarrassing. But his wife came storming into the office again with a face like thunder and apologised to us all. She was still annoyed to it didn't sound very convincing.
I wouldn't mind but from what i heard the argument was about him leaving the window down on the car when it was raining. God knows what it would be like if she caught him having an affair. She'd chop his Knackers off.

This blog is getting a little boring now with me feeling like this, so I'm gonna log off, have something to eat have a hot bath and go to bed.
Now there is an excuse to post a picture of a cute guy in a hot tub if ever i heard one.
Suddenly this post springs to life.


Michael Rivers said...

I hope you feel better soon! It's never fun being sick!

That is a very good picture you posted. I want to be in there with him!

Anonymous said...

People in Britain have this crazy thing about getting back to work the moment they feel able to get out of bed to make a cup of tea!

Really, if it's worth having one day off, it's worth having three and really why not the week and get properly well again?

Mambam said...

Thanks for that, i agree with you on the subject of the picture. I'd help create a few bubbles that's for sure.

I know what you mean but if i don't work i don't get paid. I would be more that happy to have the week off. In fact, to be honest i would be happy to retire. ;-)

naturgesetz said...

Whether you should be feeling better depends on what you have/had and how you've been treating it.

And you're right about other people caring. They don't really, unless they're madly in love with you or you're at death's door and fading fast.

So be good to yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hope you will be feeling better soon. One of the positive aspects of being young is your ability to bounce back pretty fast once it passes. Maybe that will be by tomorrow...

torchy! said...

hey Mambam, i really hope you feel better soon. look after yourself :)