Monday, 24 August 2009

Having it off

I decided to have it off today. I always like that phrase 'have it off'. I don't know if it has the same connotations in the rest of the world but here in the UK it has a bit of a saucy seaside humour tone about it 'have it off' nudge, wink, meaning having sex.
I don't know where it comes from, or how it relates, but then again i do know that when giving a blow job, blowing is something you don't do so all these sexual connotations have stupid meanings anyway, even if you can understand how it might relate.

Anyway i set my alarm to get up as normal this morning and thought i felt OK at first. But by the time i had a shower and got ready for work i felt shattered again and a bit sick so i rang in and told them i wasn't well.
For some reason i put a 'I'm really unwell' sort of voice on. I don't know why. Maybe it's because i don't think they will believe me. In fact i was right. I could tell by the tone of voice at the other end that they thought i had just had too much to drink and wanted a day off to recover from a hangover. All that did was make me think that if i don't feel any better tomorrow i won't go in then either, they'll prove I'm not kidding.

Of course that also means i don't get paid. Three waiting days where you get nothing and then sick pay which is about £70 a week i think. I'll be getting better as fast as i can i think.
Actually i have now not left the house for three days and it's driving my round the bend. What must it be like for old people who are housebound ?.

Definitely must be feeling better, got the DVDs out and a box of tissues. ;-)

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