Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Day today

Daniel started to tell me something about Howard tonight but we got distracted by the phone and never finished the conversation.
When he eventually left i suddenly remembered the subject and was in half a mind to ring him up to finish what he was saying. Apparently he does this weird thing when he is in bed asleep..... ?.
That's it. he didn't get any further. How much of a bloody tease is that ?. What was it ?. I need to know and i need to know it now. I'll have to get back to you on that one though.

I nearly had an accident this afternoon on my way home from work. This stupid woman with a pram was waiting to cross the road and she did that thing that some women do (usually young mothers) where they actually stand at the kerb and the pram dangles out into the bleedin' road. Step back a bit you silly cow, you've got a baby up front.

No call from Jack for a couple of days. That's unusual and worrying. Worse still i haven't been bothered by it either. Is that right ? . He's a fairly new boyfriend, shouldn't one of use be getting paranoid by now ?

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