Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Don't fear the reaper

Went round to pick Daniel up from Howard's tonight. He doesn't live that far away from me and he could have walked round to my place, but i wanted to see his house so offered to give him a lift. It's a bungalow in an ok area with a massive garden to the rear and a small one at the front. I didn't get to see the inside because we were off and away as soon as i turned up. Daniel said the back garden is huge but looks a mess. Howard is not a gardener so it's all overgrown and full of bushes & trees.

He stayed the other night and looked out of the back window at about 2 in the morning. 'I'm sure i saw the grim reaper in the back garden' he said 'he wouldn't have looked out of place there anyway' LOL

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Anonymous said...

You could always get him to tidy up the garden while he's there, scythe and all. Take care, Peter-D.