Monday, 10 August 2009

The first time

Nothing of any relevence happened today so i think i'll just write any old crap, fill in some detail about my life for anyone who reads on a regular basis. I must do that more often in fact. It's better than posting that my kettle broke or what i had for lunch today.
When i was a kid i saw a cowboy film with Red Indians in it. They were all naked from the waist upwards and something inside me stirred to make me feel all funny and curious, i didn't know why at the time but it seemed exciting and strange.

For a short while i had a thing about cowboy movies until i realised that not all of them had half naked Indians in them, and worse still some were actually more about the cowboys. Last night there was a John Wayne film on telly and in it were those same Indians i remembered. All topless and running around waving tomahawks.

It didn't make me want to knock on off whilst watching or anything like that, but isn't it weird how something so innocent can take you back to your childhood ?. It also reminded me how as you grow older and experience more things sexually, stuff that would once blow your mind suddenly becomes normal, and you need something else to get that same kick.

The first porn film i saw, then the first gay porn film, the first time i went into a gay bar, the first time i kissed a boy, my first sexual experience. the first time i felt my skin against someone else's.

It's still fun and exciting, but not quite as euphoric is it ?. The first time is always the best. you just don't realise it till the second time.


Pilgrim said...

You remember your favorite actor? Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't think so!

I suppose on one level you're right - but I seem to remember the first attempts at gay sex were pretty disastrous!

It took lots of practice to get even remotely perfect. And I'm still practising!

Michael Rivers said...

Those first times are such a rush. I agree. You're lucky when you experience that same rush in the same situations again. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, WOW!

Mambam said...

No i don't think so. I never had a poster on my bedroom wall. I seem to remember my favourite looking guy was an anonymous guy wearing underwear in a cloths catalogue my mother had. LOL.

My first sex must have been different to yours. It was no more than a kiss, a fondle and a good shake ;-)

I find the anticipation of sex with someone new tends to be more exciting than the real thing most times. How sad is that ?
Hope Jack doesn't read this...;-(

Pilgrim said...

Same same w/me, looking at catagoes of Mom´s, But I didt grt infected by them. Propz Pillgrim

thegayte-keeper said...


Doomed But Cheerful! said...

1st Jan - Dear Diary, Today I had an egg; is this the start of something?
I can't quite remember what Tony Hancock actually said in that sketch, but it was bloody funny, as it was so pretentious! So, if you want to write about how your kettle broke, and you turned the iron upside down and used it to heat a can of water to make coffee, and hung crumpets on paper clips clipped to your gas fire, I would love to read that, almost as much as I have enjoyed catching up on the news of VAT, Daniel, and fat guys and their bouncy castles (lame-ass line, I will agree!).
I am glad you are still writing - life gets so busy, it is often hard to have the discipline!
G =]

vilges suola said...

I remember being fascinated by bare chested boys from the age of six. I reckon I have been gay since I was a fetus.

torchy! said...

i can totally relate to what you're describing. my earliest gay memories were when i was 9 or 10 i think, altho i didn't recognise them as such at the time. i probably had them earlier than that, but i don't remember them. maybe i should blog about it.