Saturday, 29 August 2009

Get Stuffed

Everything seemed to go ok last night.

Everyone turned up on time and the grub only took half an hour to make (make? LOL) so I didn’t have to do anything until we were ready. Which meant we could all get pissed first.
I refused any help from anyone, mainly because they would all get in the way. But as I was cheating, all I had to do was dollop it out on their plates anyway.
Those cheap knifes and forks from Wilkinsons were a bad idea. The forks bent if you applied any pressure at all and the knives were blunt. You couldn’t even cut a Yorkshire pudding in half without turning into Uri Geller. I may as well have bought plastic ones for all the good they were.

I was a bit stuffed by the time we reached the pudding, but you can be full to overflowing and always find room for apple pie and custard can’t you ?.
After we finished I dumped all the plates in the sink and filled it with water, I’ll wash them up next Tuesday I think. And Then we settled down in front of the telly and watched a DVD that Howard brought round. Some Horror flick that was rubbish, so we turned it off and put another he brought called shag me sideways or something like that anyway. I don't look at the credits.

I have no idea what we did from there on. Talk, laugh, took the piss out of each other. And got even more drunk. It didn't effect me much other than make me tired. It’s not the same drinking at home . It’s a social, going out, type thing for me not something I do sat on my own sofa. Maybe it was the food, I prefer to drink first, eat later, but by 1am I was getting tired and starting to fall asleep. By two o’clock I was turning the telly off and the lights out as a subtle hint that it was time to leave. If it had gone on any longer I would have probably gone to bed and told them to lock the door on the way out.
Maybe I wasn’t 100% after being ill from last week, or perhaps I was just knackered because it’s a Friday.
But everyone seemed to enjoy it and I did like the idea of people coming to me rather than having to go out.

Howard has suggested that he will do something in future. I don’t know if it was the drink talking but I wouldn’t mind that, he doesn’t live that far away so I could walk there.

Jack never offered though, He was too pissed. He climbed into bed before me and by the time I turned everything off and climbed in next to him, he was fast asleep.
I don’t like this. We are turning into a boring bog standard regular couple. I was to tired to be bothered myself but it would have been nice to fight him off for a bit.

Anyways, it's Saturday night now so the bank holiday weekend starts here. Manchester here we come.

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Anonymous said...

That is the problem with drinking then eating a heavy meal. Next time you should do finger foods for the dinner. You eat what you need but you keep your buzz and don't get tired from a heavy meal. Just an idea from a seasoned drinker... Have to protect the buzz!