Sunday, 30 August 2009


Not a very relaxing Sunday afternoon at all today. I was invited to Daniels mom and dads for lunch and there was a house full of all his family all day drinking and being merry. It was like Christmas.
Then i came away at about 3 to be taken by Jack to his mum and dads in Halifax for much the same thing.

I feel like i am all partied out. My ears are ringing. There were grandmas and grandads nephews and nieces, Kids running round, Dogs and cats, even a budgie tweeting. I'm glad to get home again.
I sat in the kitchen when got home for 15 minutes with no TV or radio on and just enjoyed the silence.

Looking back it was a great day but thank god it's over and i can get back home again.
Jack didn't want to stop and has gone back home himself. On one hand I'm wondering why he didn't want to stay, on the other I'm glad he's gone.

Space, quiet, my own home, my own things, the world can piss off for a bit.


Anonymous said...

You've got a bank holiday today in UK I think, so you can crash out! I reckon you and your mates got through 2000 calories each on Friday night, plus the rest of the weekend...Gym this week? You take care, enjoy your solitude for a bit - Peter-D

Antony said...

Ha ha I often tell the world to piss off and have my own space.


Antony x