Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Back to reality

Back to work again and if I'm honest I'm happy to get back to some sort of normality.
Not that i want to get back to work.
My Gran hates bank holidays, The news is moved to a different time, some of her favourite programs aren't on the buses run at different times and the streets are full of people. She wants them all to get back to work again so she can get back to her normal routine. I feel a bit like that today.
There seems to be some sort of cash flow problem though, we have been told not to do the cheque print run today and just concentrate on sending out statements and chasing money from customers. That doesn't sound good does it ?.

I saw Howard on my way to work this morning so i papped my horn, he turned round to look who but obviously couldn't work out who it was, he waved at a lorry driving passed and completely ignored me.

No sign of Rachel at lunchtime today, she is off work sick. Maybe she has what i had last week.

Got a text message that just said "Green socks". I have no idea what it means or who sent it. I assume a wrong number. But i wonder what the hell it was all about. Green socks ?. Perhaps it's some sort of spy password.

Gonna go to the gym again tonight. Back to normal, sweaty Mondays


Michael Rivers said...

Green socks huh? Hmmm. Maybe wear them at the gym tonight and see if anyone approaches you? It might be code for something.

vilges suola said...

'I papped my horn' might need some explanation for people outside the north of England...

Mambam said...


Yeh come to think of it, it could be one of those hanky codes for people who have a foot fetish.

Toot, honk, pip, Parp. er...sounded my horn ?.
I must remember to translate, thanks for that