Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Car Trouble

How can you tell if your brake lights are not working? You’re sat in the car for crying out loud not running along behind. I’m told I have been driving around like this for god knows how long.
I even have a front headlamp that is out as well. There is some light coming from it but that is the sidelight apparently.
As you can see I’m not brilliant with cars. I know where the Petrol, water and oil go and that’s it.

How much is it gonna cost for a switch replacement and a headlamp bulb? I sometimes think it might be better to get rid of it. But them I am reminded that I might have to sit next to smelly people on the bus and I think again.
Never mind save the planet and carbon footprints. Will I be able to reach forward and turn up Radio one when I want to ?.

Went to the gym again tonight and when i was having a shower afterwards i squeezed the bottle of shower gel and it made a really loud farting sound. An old guy across from me said "who's been eating beans today ?" cheeky twat.

The bosses & his wife had another row today. I have decided that it's true, you should never work with family and friends. They are like Cats and dogs together. When she came out of his office she was bright red and had to go outside to cool down.
Then it pissed it down all of a sudden and she had to run back inside, which made her even madder. To nicely top things off someone (me) pointed out that her car in the car park had a flat tyre.

I'm not laughing, honestly, i know how she feels.


Anonymous said...

Ah, Mambam, car trouble, there's nothing quite like it. Best get your brake lights fixed before you are stopped by the police and/or someone bangs into you from behind (no pun intended) and claims he couldn't tell you were going to stop.
I've just come back from the French version of the MOT and they say my front brake pads are worn. I only had a new set of wheels in April, following damage driving over a pot hole full of water, for which the town hall still owes me 700 euros. New brakes = 250 euros. Bugger.
But even a day without the car drove me mad, you just can't count the real cost against bus fares...
So be of good cheer and take care - Peter-D.

Pilgrim said...

Mambam, what have you done to your car´Or is it that old, that it hardly works anymore? Peopz Pilgrim

Mambam said...

Nice to know i'm not the only one who has car trouble Peter,
and yes Pilgrim it is an old car, i thing Winston Churchill drove it last.

Anonymous said...

That post is a classic you know?

I love your sense of irony when you let it out to play.

My father once kept an old car until it was more resin underneath than steel bodywork. But he was great at sticking matchsticks in here or there and bending pits of cable back into their original shape.

I have none of his ability and always thrown things away if I can't get them repaired - by someone else.