Thursday, 3 September 2009

Things are falling to bits

Now i have sorted out my car (only £20, a lot better than i thought it would be) My computer is playing up.
It takes ages to start up and last night i had to sit here 5 minutes whilst it did things before it would go to sleep. Technology is great when it works but it's a bugger when it doesn't.

I'm actually feeling all achy after the gym tonight. I'm doing that thing where you go every day and then have a week off. Chris says i should go every other day instead of going mad, it's not good for you. But like sex i think you should get it whilst you can.

This weekend i am going over to Jacks so i probably won't be posting much. He has arranged some tickets to go see a show (no idea what he wouldn't say, it's a surprise) and afterwards a meal, followed by rampant sex at his place. A perfect night out i think.
That's Friday anyway, Saturday we will be spending the day shopping, Saturday night it's out wearing the things we bought, Sunday we will be going for a walk with his sister and her friends (not sure about that bit) and Sunday night I'm being dumped back home ready for work Monday morning again.
It's all planned and I'm looking forward to it.

I think i like the idea of knowing what is coming up rather than going with the flow. It's more exciting and you feel like you have something to look forward to.

Roll on Friday.


Anonymous said...

Just a quickie - are you using a cleaner such as Cclean every day and a virus checker such as Avast. Slowing down of your PC might be due to a virus (hope not) or lack of cleanup of temporary files. But you probably know more than me, being a blogger and all. Have a great weekend, take care - Peter-D (I have a work blog only not a personal one).

Mambam said...

Yeh peter antivirus and Spamware.
I think it's just buggered.
I need a new one i think

Antony said...

These things tend to come in 3's apparently!

Your weekend sounded like it's going to be ace. And yeah, I kindof like having some plans even if things happen different.


A x