Friday, 14 August 2009


So what was that thing that Howard does in his sleep that Daniel was talking about the other night ?.

Well apparently he sleeps with his eyes open. Not completely open, but you can see the eyeballs and he looks like he is awake in the right light. In fact if it's dark it looks a bit weird and scary like a zombie. The first time it happened Daniel actually thought he was Dead (LOL) but the thing that freaks him out the most is when they are slightly open, and the eyeballs are up, so all you can see is white.

I asked if he slept with his arms across his chest and checked for teeth marks in Daniels neck but he didn't see the funny side. Why don't his eyes dry up ?. Does he blink ?, how do you know he is asleep and not just keeping an eye on you ?. Question questions and no answers.

Which reminds me of the time my mum and dad had a man to decorate our front room. He had a false eye, but could obviously see well enough to do a brilliant job. But the funniest moment came when i heard her recommending him to someone of the phone.
To me it sounded like
If i decide to do the back bedroom HE WOULD BE THE ONE EYED GIT"

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