Saturday, 15 August 2009

At last a great night out.

Brilliant night last night. Everyone seemed to get on great, no one fell out and even Daniel and Jack seemed to hit it off.

Howard is actually quite a funny guy. He doesn't look like a comedian and is very drole but when he has had a couple of drinks he comes out of his shell.
He is also a bit of a geek at the same time though. He collects things. According to Daniel he has a massive vinyl record collection and wall to wall horror and Sci fi DVD's and videos.
Books piled all over the bedroom and a drawer full of plastic bags (?).
His cat is called Arthur and is his baby, and his mum comes round often for tea.
The only down side was when he had a few to many drinks, he starts to talk dirty. Making suggestions that are funny at first, but then get a bit to crude later on.
Daniel kept him in check though so it was ok in the end. Jack seemed to enjoy it as well and even suggested we should do it more often in future when we came away. That's good, because i felt the same.

We bumped into one of my dads mates earlier on. He is about 50 and was on a stag night out with a few others. It was funny to see because i have never seen him drunk before. He never goes into Manchester ever, and i think this was the only time he has ever been out without his wife in 20 years according to him. He kept slurring his words but still trying to talk to me like a Dad would to a son.
He invited us all to go watch his son play cricket. I can’t think of a more boring sport in the world.
I once went with my dad when I was younger to watch a local team. The players piss about taking their time to do everything and when there is some action your that far away and the ball is so small you can’t see where the hell it is and which direction it’s going in.
It’s like watching a flea race from the moon.
Other spectator sports that leave me cold. Golf, Tennis, Darts and Fishing.

It's pissing it down outside as i write this. Why can't it rain Monday to Friday when i'm at work and then be sunny for two days. I might as well go back to bed. Jack hasn't even bothered to get up ;-)

P.s. If you are wondering what the picture that accompanies this post has got to do with anything i have just written, the answer is, absolutely nothing !.
I just liked it for some reason.


thegayte-keeper said...

Glad you had a good time...the pic is nice...LOVE IT!!!

jlo said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all and by the way I liked the picture to