Sunday, 16 August 2009

Slob out

It's been a lazy Sunday today. I haven't even left the flat and intend spending the rest of the night doing the same. I need to recharge my batteries so it's gonna be a slob out day today.
What i notice form this is that there is even less on TV during the summer as all the channels seem to give up trying for viewers completely and assume everyone is on holiday. And that the less you do the more tired you feel.
I have stacks of DVDs that i intended watching but can't be bothered with, and stuff on my Sky + saved for later viewing now seem uninteresting and just need deleting.
All those things you save till later when you have time. Now i have time and i can't be arsed.
The only thing i can be bothered with is the Internet and that is just like flicking through a book. I'm not really reading or taking note of much, it's just eye candy and moving pictures.
Maybe that's what revamping your batteries is all about though. Not having to think. Being on autopilot and acting like a drone for a bit.

Jack stayed for a few hours earlier on but it reached a point where we were just not talking and staring at the walls. I don't mean not talking because we have fallen out. I mean that comfortable not talking when you don't need to with someone close to you.
I feel like that now with Jack. When we first met a 30 second silence would need filling with a question or some chat. But now we are both happy to let it pass and stay silent sometimes.
I worry that we are getting boring though. It's good that he goes home and we meet mainly at weekends or we would have nothing to say to each other. What must it be like to have a live in partner with whom you do everything with ?
My mum and dad have been married for over 25 years, no wonder they fall out all the time.


Pilgrim said...

Sounds very english this Fall-out-Syndrome. Even if Fall out means something completely different. Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

Pete and I have been together for eight years but only in a legally sanctioned Partnership for just over a year.

We do stuff together - yes and we always try to be generous with praise to whichever of us has prepared a meal. We also walk the dog, cycle and sometimes build the model railway together, but we blog and chase the internet apart and don't often share the same tv programmes - though we do share some.

Does it amount to a life together?

Oh yes! We love each other and we look out for each other. Sure there are periods of non-communication - you don't need to be talking all the time. You share your lives together so there gets to be less and less that's news.

But it is a common enough situation with folk who share their lives together and neither of us would want to live apart again nor, so far anyway, want to do it with anyone else.

Mambam said...

I'm not sure what falling out means elseware, but it means not getting on sometimes to me.

Mickey My Ideal Partner would be someone who lives next door. they have their home, space and things and i have mine. Then we visit each other and spend lots of time together. then when he starts to get on my tit, i go back home for a break.
I would be happy with manogomy, i don't want someone else as well, and i would be happy to have the one love of my life. But i think i would feel suffocated with someone living with me again.
Maybe i'm looking to have my cake and eat it.

California Shy Guy said...

slob out - that is kinda what weekends are for (at least i think so.

as for relationships...i think its quite possible to have the space you need and the coupling at the same time-while living together...but there is no rush

Anonymous said...

I totally agree, Mambam, that you don't necessarily have to live together to share that special relationship. I used to live in a large block in central London and used to joke that my ideal partner would have his own flat on the other side of the building. Here in France where I live now, my best mate is str8 and has been living with his girlfriend but splitting up because he too needs his space. He reads, writes, is happy on his own; she's into shopping and going on the town. It takes all kinds and I think you're right to pick what suits you best at the moment. Good luck, Peter-D.