Monday, 17 August 2009

Bath Time

I haven't had a bath in weeks. Dirty sod i hear you say, you must reek.

Well don't panic, i shower every morning and again later when i come away from the gym. If i'm lucky enough to have had a bit of hanky panky, i might have another one afterwards as well. Come to think of it, i overdo the clean thing a bit. Anyways, back to the point of this post. I had a bath tonight. The full Monty, bubbles, floating toys (don't ask, it was a present from Daniel) and some candles all round the side to make it look all romantic and relaxing.
Apart from nearly setting my hair on fire when i got in, it was great. Nice and quite, a warm and relaxing soak. My dad could have a bath in 5 minutes. I'm like my mum and can spend hours in there, topping up with hot water when it starts getting cold, sometimes falling asleep or even reading a book.

As i was lying there tonight though i was wondering if i can fit two people in here when Jack comes round next. I've never had a bath with someone else before. Do you sit up the tap end ? or do you make them have the uncomfortable bit ?. To be honest the size of my bath it's gonna have to be who goes on top and who drowneds underneath.


Pilgrim said...

P.S. to yesterdays comment; Fall out usually as generally means nuclear pollution by either a nuclear bomb or if a nuclear plant goes kaboom. Remember Chernobyl? Propz Pilgrim...and showering 2 or 3 times per day is noemal in this heat.

Michael Rivers said...

I love showers and baths with another guy. Very erotic. I'm 6'1" so finding a tub the right size is never easy. But I like to lay in the tub and have the other guy lay ontop of me. His back on my chest, my arms around him.

The photo in this post is wonderful!

Mambam said...


I think the language gap or cultural divide shows on that posting i suppose.
Falling out to me is not getting on with someone, or having a row.
In the UK it's rare to be hot and sticky, but i still shower 2 or three times a day even in the winter.

That sounds good, i might try that.
I knew a guy who was 6ft 4 and he said he gave up having a bath when he started having to climb the walls with his feet just to cover his shoulder with water. It painted a funny picture and made me laugh.

naturgesetz said...

All that showering can't be good for your skin.

A good application of powder can do wonders to get rid of the sticky feelings between showers when it's hot.

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

We have similar tastes when it comes to bathing, if not wasabi peas!

The guy I bought the house from from was a 'larger' polynesian gentleman, so my bath is awesome! I have shared it with my friend often, and nobody needs to sit with their back to the taps! =]