Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Hot Stuff

If Daniel has some chocolate or crisps with him you never bother to ask for a bite because he has this annoying habit of eating really weird flavours instead of the normal bog standard stuff that people love and share.

So if he has a packet of crisps it won’t be cheese & Onion or Smokey Bacon it will be chocolate and mint or something weird like that. If he has a bar of chocolate it will be chilli and sausage or beef and banana flavour. I’m making these flavours up of course because I can’t actually remember any of the stupid things he buys, but you get the idea. It’s so annoying, you’re expecting the wonderful taste of milk chocolate and you suddenly get slammed with some horrible gut-churning gunk.

Today he was eating a packet of Spicey Hot Wasabi Peas. The most repulsive tasting thing I have every had in my mouth (insert your own joke here)
They looked a little like salted peanuts from a distance and he enjoyed watching me take a huge handful and downing them in one.

I was nearly sick. If you don’t believe me, buy yourself some and give it a go. Great fun can be had by offering them round to your friends and watching them vomit when the taste hits the back of their throat. Blueeerggh !


Allen said...

ugh, those dont sound to good to me. Sounds kinda of gross. I will take your word for it and not try them.

Pilgrim said...

I like mint chocolate, does that count for a nerd? :-D Propz Pilgrim

Doomed But Cheerful! said...

I rather like these, actually. But not by the handful!.

I started smoking Turkish cigarettes because I got pissed off with people constantly cadging my Marlboros, ,and ended up loving them. What was I thinking?

Still, I have always had a taste for the unusual and recherché, so i have been told! =]