Saturday, 8 August 2009

Shite Night

What a crap night last night turned out to be.

I met Daniel and we went to the gym first, that was ok. I always feel brilliant coming away, blood pumping round the body, shiny faces and the feeling of relief that it's over for another day.

Going out after an hour at the gym is highly recommended as far as i am concerned. But it all seemed to fall flat from there on afterwards. I don't know if it was because i was anticipating some sort of amazing night out and it just didn't live up to expectations, but it all seemed to go wrong.

The first place we walked into was full of people in fancy dress. That's ok, but they were acting like pillocks and ruining it for everyone else, so we left. Then we couldn't even get to the bar at the next place, it was standing room only and 5 people deep to get drinks, knocked a drink over and had to share the only one we had left because we couldn't be bothered to queue for another one. We later paid to get into a club that was empty becasue it was too early, and ended the night being chatted up by a fat bloke and his mates asking if we screamed when we ejaculate and have we ever played on a bouncy castle and do we fancy coming home with them to bounce on top of theirs. Not the most sophisticated chat up line i have heard.

If you have a really good night on the town you don't even think of the expense afterwards. But when it turns out to be shit your counting the pennies next morning to see how much you have wasted.
All that money down the toilet (literally) and with the state of my stomach, coming out of all orifice's as well. Why do i eat curry when i have had a drink ?. I wouldn't think of it normally.
It was good to have a night with Daniel though. We laid a few ghosts to rest and had a heart to heart. He has a fella himself now as well. Apparently older than him (35). So meeting him is something to look forward to.
Tonight it's Jacks turn. If i can settle my stomach in time. I want to know a little bit more about Dave and his swinging girlfriend. There is a famous dogging area near where i live, i wonder if that's what he comes over this way for ?.

Note to Vilges : I don't know what they call dogging in other countries, but over here it involves hetero couples driving to some car park in the middle of nowhere and having sex in public, whilst other couples watch or join in.
Or at least that is what i think it is anyway. As gay men i can't really get my head round it to be honest. I am sure we all disapprove of such things. You wouldn't find homosexuals doing that sort of thing now would you ? (snicker)

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vilges suola said...

Watching sex in a car park, huh? Who'd be straight. At least gay men have dark rooms and saunas.