Monday, 21 September 2009

Back to work, back to reality

Anyone fancy a shag ?.
I'm on the market again. (Sorry Peter D if your reading this, the flesh is weak).

It's now official i am a single person and me and Jack are no longer 'going out with each other anymore'. It soundsa bit childish doesn't it?. The sort of things that kids say to each other like 'your dumped' or 'Laters'.

I don't really know how i feel about it. I'm upset but i'm not crying about it. I think i feel more upset about being alone again. Not that i want a boyfriend and i craved my own space when Jack was with me, but everyone has someone else, or so it seems, so why not me ?.

I didn't see Daniel at the Gym tonight so i haven't told him yet. I'm glad he wasn't there, i didn't fancy going over it all again.

On the plus side i don't think we have fallen out completely. We are on talking terms still, which is unusual for me. When i fall out with guys it's usually pistols at dawn, never to cross each others paths ever again. But previous to going out with Jack i saw him very little in Manchester so i don't see our paths crossing much if we don't arrange anything. Today could be the last time i ever speak to him and yesterday could be the last time i saw him, you never know.

Change the subject quick i'm making myself depressed.
Back to work today and the window is fixed 'did you have a nice holiday?' says the bosses wife.
'yes thanks, it was great' say i. That will be the fist question of the day i know. They know very little about my life outside work and i'll be buggered if i'll tell them anything about last weeks events so i think i will keep my mouth shut about it all.
I'm also thinking about that job in Halifax, It's a friend of Jacks dad so that makes things a little awkward. I'll ring him tonight and speak more.

Perhaps this will give me the chance for some sort of change in my life.
I have decided to change the way i post. I have said before that it's difficult to write about my day when it's not over yet so i'm gonna write when i feel like it and post it all as one at the same time every day (5pm UK time) It will have been written the day before so don't be surprised if things suddenly look a bit behind, or in front.
I have a little time on my hands so i'm gonna play more with this blog.


Allen said...

Sorry to hear about your breakup. I have been single for over a year now. I am moving to a gayer place, so hopefully I will find the guy of my dreams. =o)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Mambam, I take that as a compliment. Sincerely. You should have headed your post "Mambam bounces back!" - you have got great inner strength - and a great writing style. Look forward to keeping up with your news as always. Take care - Peter-D.

Anonymous said...

Once door closes and one door opens... I think you have to go with the flow and I am sure you will end up OK..

naturgesetz said...

Well, I'm sorry for the disappointment you're feeling about the breakup. But you seem to be handling it well.

And I think it's a real plus that it makes it easier to take the job in Halifax. Why should Jack's dad's friend care that you and Jack have broken up? Will he even know? From what you said, it seemed as if the job would be really good, and Jack was the major thing holding you back. So go to Halifax, and visit Oldham when you want to.

And post on your blog when you want to. It's *your* blog, after all.

BTW, maybe you really don't need a boyfriend. If you can be content hanging out with mates, that may be all you need. Not that I recommend promiscuity. If you're going to "do it," it may be better for your long-term contentment if there is someone special to do it with. And that isn't something that happens on command. But Halifax will bring a lot of new people into your life, and eventually, if not sooner, you may hit it off with one of them.

Good luck.

Mambam said...

Halifax is a less gayer place than Manchester. so perhaps i should take that into consideration when moving
Peter D.
Flattery will get you everywhere. I'm single now ;-)
My love life seems to be more a revolving door at the moment.
I always play safe, even when i was with Jack. To show how my brain works i read into your comment that there would be plenty of rich new pickings in Halifax LOL

Antony said...

Sorry to hear about that fella. lol I'd say yeah to the shag if I was the type to sleep about (but I'm not!).

Your a good looking guy though and I'm sure you'll meet mr right in time.


A x