Sunday, 20 September 2009

Single or not ?

I suppose i should write all about my long conversation with Jack about the future of our relationship shouldn't i?.
But to be honest i am sick to death of talking and thinking about it, so repeating everything here is the last thing i wanna do. I would say that I'm not sure if i am single now or not.
We made no plans to meet again and i don't think we are together as a couple anymore. But we didn't say that was it and let's just forget it. I sent him a text message saying "is that it then ?" but have had no reply yet. I don't think we have fallen out either because there were no slamming doors and storming off into the night and we both said see you later.
I need a few days to think about it.

Not much of a post today i know, but i don't feel like blogging at the moment. How typical is that, when nothing happens in my life i can write constantly about any old crap, but something momentous happens an i don't wanna talk about it.
I give up. Boyfriends are out !! no more relationships for me thank you very much.


Anonymous said...

Mambam, advice is easy to give, hard to follow, but just a suggestion. Perhaps go for friendships first, then see what they develop into. I spent some time reading your old posts this morning (didn't realise what you've been thru). Maybe just take things a bit slower - trial and error - have a get-out for both of you if it doesn't work, without getting hurt. And don't give up hope. Take care - Peter-D.
PS Re Manchester, read in Mens Health of all places, says it is the most violent city in UK.....

Pilgrim said...

And Cristiano Ronaldo has gone...or was he Liverpool!? Propz Pilgrim

Mambam said...

Yes, i'm good at giving advice as well, and it's always frustrating when the person you're giving it to doesn't take it. I'll note what you say but i can't promise anything.
By the way, Manchester is a lot of things, it doesn't feel that violent though, but i know nothing else so how would i know?.

Cristiano was Man U and yes he's gone. Personaly i thought he was a bit too greasy looking for my liking. I always had visions of him having sticky hair and smelling of old ladies perfume ;-)

Anonymous said...

What about dealing with people is easy. Nothing!! I think all of what you have learned will add to your ability to deal "better" with people in the future. You just have to believe that. I wish I could give you the answer but I don't have it myself!!

Antony said...

Relationships are difficult, but can be worth it. Hugs,

A x