Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Got absolutely wrecked last night. I said i was in the mood didn't i ?.
I feel shattered now but have arranged to go out with Daniel. Rachel did bring her boyfriend which was entertaining, he's as fit as fuck and it did take my mind off things. He wore a nice tight t shirt that was probably to small for him, this meant that when he lifted his arms up for whatever reason it revealed his bellybutton and the top of his undies. Yum.
If Rachel ever knew i felt like this she would kill me.
Anyway i told her my news and she was very positive about it. I'm not sure if her reasons were for the good though. She does drink in Halifax every now and then so it would be good to have someone living close who could put her up for the night.
On the other hand if she sleeps on the sofa and i sleep with the totty i'm happy with that.
I haven't said anything at work yet. That comes tomorrow. I spoke to my new boss and went through a few details. He did say he would speak to his wife about rented properties or if i thought about buying she could help there as well, so that's nice.
Time to get smashed again, Daniel is due in an hour so i betta get me glad rags on hadn't i?.

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