Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Moving on

Right that's it, it's make your mind up time.
In for a penny, in for a pound, whatever that means (my dad says it, WTF?). I'm gonna take the plunge.
I'll ring the guy up tonight and go through a few details. Then lets change the subject shall we ?.
My mouth is like a wrestlers Jockstrap and i need a drink, i rang Rachel and we are going local for a couple tonight where i can tell her my big news.
Hopefully she will bring her boyfriend so that will take my mind off things completely.
I spoke to my mum again this lunch time and thanked her for the offer. I'll bare it in mind. The first priority is to start the job.
I'm actually looking forward to handing in my notice if i am honest. That will be fun won't it?. I wonder what the reaction will be?.


Anonymous said...

congratulations and best of luck!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Have a great night out and take care - Peter-D.

vilges suola said...

Eee, nah then, by eck an bloomin ummer, what it is to be a young un, footloose an fancy free, able to be gaddin off like that to forrin parts! I ear t'streets of Allyfax are paved wi gowd. And you are allowed to go back to Oldham on visits without a visa. The delights of Huddersfield (my home town)are yours for the taking.

Congratulations, and all the best.


Dean Grey said...


Congratulations on the job offer and whatever you decide to do!


Samad said...

cool dude.

sooner or later, something's gonna change in your life. example: dont tell me you wanna stay in same place forever?

glad you've accepted it, embraced it, and moved on.