Monday, 28 September 2009

Decision time

I have been formally offered the job in Halifax. If I want it he would like me to let him know by Wednesday one-way or the other. I would need to work my notice with my current employer so that would mean I couldn’t start till mid October.
My head is spinning. I don’t know what the fuck to do. I never slept a wink last night and have had to speak to my mum again today about their offer.
If I take it to the extreme I am suddenly looking in the face of new job, new home, new friends, new every fucking thing.
And I have till Wednesday to decide. The clock is ticking and I keep swinging from one decision to another.

I have had people say, ‘give it a go and see what you think’, or ‘travel for a bit and see how that works out’. But I don’t believe in doing things by half. If I go for this job, I go for it properly, it’s not something to try out and then dump if I don’t like it. It’s not fair on them and what the hell do I do afterwards? I will be out of work. And if I do it properly then it’s no good trying to travel from one side of Oldham to the other side of Halifax every bloody day, I’m bound to end up late at least once, especially not that winter is approaching and i have to travel over the tops to get there. I would need to move, even if it's just a little bit closer.
I need time to think.
On the other hand i have decided that once i have made my mind up i will drop all the uncertainty crap. If i go for it, i need to be positive and really make a move, if i decide not to then i shouldn't look back and think about what might have been.
I'll decide tomorrow and ring him tomorrow night. After that this blog will change drastically from the boring job stories onto my fun things. i need cheering up.
I spoke to Daniel. We go for a drink Wednesday night whether he likes it or not, I know it's mid week but i need one.


Anonymous said...

Mambam, old lad, things are suddenly starting to speed up. If it helps I have three rules in life:
- Any decision is better than no decision
- Never look back
- If you do look back, tell yourself it seemed like a good idea at the time

I find this covers most situations.
Take care as always - Peter-D.

vilges suola said...

Go for it, Michael. It isn't a big deal - Oldham to Halifax is a n e g l i g i b l e distance, you can't possibly lose contact with people! And you are not making a decision that will affect the rest of your life - you are only 24. You never liked the old job and made the boss and his missus sound a right pair of twats. What's there to lose, then?

Allen said...

I have to agree with Vilges and Peter. Go for it. You are still young, and you are smart. I am sure you will make new friends and you will still have your old friends too. If not, then they werent your friends.

Mambam said...

Thanks to all, i'll sleep on it, Everyone seems to be giving me the same advice. I'll decide tomorrow.

drew said...

We all know it is not an easy decision. Sometimes it helps to write down the positives and negatives on each side of a piece of paper. That way your are opening up your decision making. I personally feel your present job is no good and you need to leave it. It is whether there is comparable employment opportunities in the area in which you live or not. If not, that narrows your decision.. Good luck either way..

Jason said...

If you were to ask me, then hey my advice is - Life is, they say for living. Take the chance and go for it, cuz you'll get to m y age and perhaps regret not doing it.

I wish you luck, am sure it'll go just fine.