Monday, 7 September 2009

Guilty Pleasure ?

That Monday feeling today.
It's depressing. I must snap out of this weekly thing. i long for the weekend and it goes in a blur. Then it's the long haul drudge towards the next one. I have to start spicing up my week days a bit more.

Going to the gym isn't it. even if it does mean i get to ogle the odd guy in the showers afterwards. I must be lowering my taste threshold though because most of them are dogs. But you don't look at the face do you ?.
I have decided to take up an offer of a couple of drinks round at Dave's. Remember him ?. One of Jacks dodgy mates. On Wednesday night he is having a bit of a party. Nothing spectacular, just a few people round, the odd drink and social thing. Starts at 8, finishes at midnight.

I know i shouldn't, but the idea excites me. I'm not really gonna be drinking anyway because i am driving, I'm just going over to, er look. What I'm going to look at i don't know. But I'm intrigued by his lifestyle.
It beats Cornonation Street and Eastenders anyway.

I mentioned it to Daniel tonight and he asked me if i had mentioned it to Jack. I haven't, and i don't know why. Maybe because i know he will probably tell me not to. But i don't hear bugger all from him all week now anyway so what the hell is he up to Monday to Friday?. It's not that I'm doing anything is it?. It's just a couple of drinks isn't it ?

Daniel raised his eyebrows and just uttered the word "bollocks".
It's not till Wednesday so i can always back out yet. But i might just pop over to see how the land lies. If it looks like a big seedy sex party i'll be off. If it is just a get together for a few drinks i'll stay.
But as Daniel says. Who has a party on a Wednesday night for no reason ?. There must be a reason. what is it?.
Admit it, there is a little bit of excitement in all this isn't there ?.

Answers on a postcard to Mambam, Idiotic road, Tosspot avenue. Manchester M1 A62

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Godfrey said...

I think you should tell Jack you're going. It's not like you're asking him for permission. You're just letting him know he can trust you. I mean, if you think he would be upset that you went without telling him, then you probably should.