Sunday, 6 September 2009

My weekend all wrapped up in one little post

Well what have i been up to then ?.
A busy weekend, some bits disappointing, others bits better than i expected.
That so called show was crap for starters, there was me expecting to go and see Madonna, Oasis or Kylie and there am i watching some amateur dramatics at a local playhouse.

On the other hand i have never been to see a play like this before so it was kinda new and different. The audience was full of family and friends of the people acting so i won't say what i think of it. Not that any of them are ever gonna read this, but we met a few of the folks afterwards so i don't think i would feel right slagging them off. I'd be no good as a critic would i ?. I wouldn't mind telling the truth about people i don't know and never meet, but being honest about someone that you meet face to face and liked is different. I'm no Simon Cowell, but they all should keep their day jobs let's just leave it at that. I enjoyed the change though after calming down when Jack eventually told me where we were going. The bastard built the whole thing to astronomical proportions before eventually dropping the bomb shell. Twat !

He knew a couple of the people and that is why we went, One guy called Dean came over to speak and he was as fit as fuck. 22, Athletic, stunning. I nearly fainted when i met him. I never heard a word he said, i was just transfixed on his face, he was beautiful. Then his girlfriend came over and the whole bloody illusion disappeared up the chimney. As he walked away we both looked at his arse as he disappeared off into the distance, we both notice that each other had done this and looked up at the same time and started laughing. 'I've stored his face and body for future reference' i said to Jack. And i had.

Afterwards we went for a meal. I stuffed myself too much and felt a bit sick and bloated when we eventually got back to my place, so during sex i just had to lay there and let him do all the work, i couldn't exert myself at all (LOL). As i lay on my back Jack looked up from below and said "Are you thinking of Dean ?" And we both pissed ourselves laughing again. (actually i was thinking of Rachel's boyfriend).

On Saturday we went to the Trafford centre and spent a few hours there before coming back to my place and having a pleasant couple of hours in bed ;-)
Then the usual night out in Mancs on Saturday night, we saw Howard but no Daniel. He apparently was away over to Barnsley to see his gran (on a saturday night?). Howard was with a couple of his mates who looked like they came on a motorbike. All dressed in Leathers and black,. One looked quite nice, the other weight about 20 stone and spoke as camp as tits. He looked the part, but sounded like a fairy.

At the end of the night we saw a guy getting sucked off in a doorway by his girlfriend. He was pissed out of his mind and i initially thought she was picking his pockets. It wasn't until she turned around and asked me "what the F*** are you looking at?" that i notice he couldn't have been that pissed. I could see his little stiffy sticking out of his unzipped jeans. Ha!. Jack offered to give her a hand, but he got angry and called us a couple of perverts, which just made us laugh. He's getting sucked off in a doorway in the middle of Manchester City center where everyone can see, and we are the perverts!.

The next day we drove over to Jacks parents house and went for a walk !!! (another first for me) with his sister and a few girly Friends along a canal.
I thought this was gonna be a disaster as well, i mean , walking ? whats all that about ?. how much fun can that be ?. Actually lots, his sisters mates were brilliant company. They were a lot older than use (40s) so i could shrug off the "have you got a girlfriend ?" thing that sometimes crops up. Because of Jack i had to play along again, but it didn't matter. It was just older women flirting with younger men. If either of us had shown any sign of interest i'm sure they would have shit themselves.
The same thing applies the other way round as well mind you. One of them looked old enough to be my mum.

Jack brought me home in the afternoon and we just chilled for an hour or so. I made him beans on toast and now he's buggered off home again.

I feel knackered so it must have been a good one.


jlo said...

Sounds like a full weekend. But it sounds like you had a good time. LOVE AND HUGS

vilges suola said...

God, the times are changing. Back in the seventies, the good citizens of Huddersfield were having the screaming habdabs because gay men were having it away in the back yard of a gay club, shamelessly, at two in the morning, when any kid passing over in a helicopter with an infra-red camera could have seen them. Now straights are getting their cocks sucked in shop doorways AND expecting their privacy to be respected...

Antony said...

ha ha, funniest post ever! Sounds like you had an ace weekend.


A x

Ryan said...

Sounds like a pretty fund weekend all in all! Thanks for the post. Really enjoyed it.

Lots of love,

Mambam said...

Thanks to all, Someone asked me this morning if i had a good weekend, my reply was, "i wish i was still having it"
That says it all i think.;-)