Friday, 18 September 2009

Heavy night

Its four in the morning, still dark out , thirsty , hangover kicking in , cant sleep, had lovers tiff with jack. last nights events as follows , rough people trying to chat us up , preditor gays out in force , creepy camp men or those that just stare at you saying nothing from the other side of the room looking like a rapist about to pounce, pissed up old queens finding any excuse to put their arm around you and cop a feel.or plant a slobbery kiss, as if its a normal thing to kiss a stranger without permission . Saw someone better looking than jack smile at me whilst standingalone near the bar as jack went for a piss, jack came back so he drank up and left. Jack said that he looked a bit of alright but i didnt react and pretended not to notice , flamboyant teenage acid queen comes over telling jack how pretty he is, until he points out hes not interested , then said queen telling me how ugly jack is and must love himself. So threatened to twat him one. Offered drugs of a kind i have never seen before , lots of scally lads about tapping fags, sniffed poppers out of water bottle someone thrust in front of me and think it was off , burned my nose, jack told me off for doing it . Feeling ok till out in fresh air then felt sick walking back to diggs. mutten dressed as lamb walking the streets with their husbands , silence when we got back , apparently i was flirting with someone i hardly remember and just thought was a laugh . I certainly was not flirting , i wanna go home i feel sick again this was supposed to be fun, if he is like this tomorrow he can fuck off, my nose is feeling sore and so is the bit just under the nostral , its coming up like a boil .fucking stuff

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