Friday, 18 September 2009


I am back home now, so no more phone blogging for now. I'm also far too tired to be bothered right now. I have a bag full of washing and and no food in the house. Jack and i are still on talking terms but we probably both said things we shouldn't have in the heat of the moment. I will write more about that some other time. I'm not going out tonight. staying in alone and will just chill. Early to bed and probably have a clear head tomorrow.


Pilgrim said...

ou sond like this Sir Elton John!! :-) Propz Pilgrim

Anonymous said...

Looks like you came across the tacky end of the gay scene, can be as bad as the str8 version of the same thing. Thankfully it is not always like that, you can find genuine friends and good company. Sorry your break ended up like this. Hope you feel better in body and spirit over the weekend. Take care, Peter-D.