Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Mambam has left the building

I didn't bother going to Howard's for my tea. Instead i'm throwing some stuff in a bag and going tonight.
It does me i'll have my car as well, but since he will be at work during the day and i don't fancy the idea of sitting in the car whilst he sees his customers it might be a better idea anyway. He's done Carlisle to Kendal and the Lake District areas so it's down the coast now. Brilliant! beside the seaside. Must take my speedos. I hope it doesn't piss it down.
No posting words till i get back at the weekend, But i'm gonna try sending pics from my mobile. If i'm really bored i might text something you never know. keep and eye out. There could be all sorts of shit coming your way day and night.
See you all at the weekend. And just think, it will then be, the weeeeeeeeekkkkkeeeendd !.
I am currently in happy mode.

1 comment:

Paul said...

have a good time. I have visions of you searching for those cock shaped rocks