Monday, 14 September 2009

Naff Pictures

I cheated, i didn't ask the boss if i could have a few days of this week, i asked his wife. Who is my immediate boss so not technically cheating. But it was a bit like going to your mum to ask something that you know your dad will say no to.

First the answer was no (which really pissed me off). But after a few hours things settled down and it was decided that it would be better for me to be out of the way for a few days. especially as the window will be replaced on Wednesday and we would all have to move about a bit to accommodate (it was a big window)
On the down side i can't go tomorrow (shit) but i can have from Wednesday off. This means i will have to take my own car and meet Jack wherever he is on Wednesday.

I suppose Wednesday to Friday is better than nothing i suppose, i should be grateful.
Went to the gym on my way home tonight and saw Daniel. He told me i was invited to Howard's for a meal tomorrow night, but i was thinking of going straight from work over to see Jack, wherever he will be. Typical. I didn't say yes and i didn't say no. I'll speak to Jack later and take it from there.

I spent last night going through Jacks grannies old photos. There are some belters, but i have no idea who the people are. Instead of scanning them (i have no scanner) i am taking a picture of the picture, the cropping and cleaning it with some software. Not the best way to do it, but the results are great. Better still, it's quick.
I'm no sure about some of the content though. This is not Jacks gran, but whoever it is i imagine we all should be grateful it's visual and not audio. Simon Cowell would have loved them
I think it's Yazoo.

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Amazingly evocative!