Saturday, 26 September 2009

New Job

Sorry to bore you with news about my job prospects rather than a drunken sex and sinful night out on a Friday but it’s an important thing in my life at the moment. I feel like I’m at a crossroads. I drove to Halifax and spent a morning and much of the afternoon in the office of the company I am thinking of joining. It was a brilliant day outside and there was me sat in an office, typical.

It’s always a bit awkward when you are new, but it was ok. The boss seemed a vast improvement on my current one (but that’s not exactly saying much is it?) and the lady I would be working with, who is part time, was there. She also seemed ok to. But I didn’t come away all excited and wanting to start on Monday. It was just a pleasant morning doing something new. The conversation didn’t flow because I was busy trying to impress and she was trying to be professional as well.
In the back of my mind is the change of area. I’m happy to go with the job but I’m not so sure about the move. If this place were in Oldham I would have jumped at the chance.

Halifax is not that far away, but it’s a bugger to get to.
And it’s the opposite side of town to where I live, so I more or less drive through Oldham and Halifax as well to get to where I wanna be.
We discussed pay and it does seem similar to the wage I am on now, but this is a starting point and it will increase in a month’s time with yearly wage reviews are every January so there is a possibility of a further increase then should things go to plan. Also, there was discussion about me moving into the area. The guy said he could help with that if decided to do that, as his wife owns some properties and rents out flats.

Anyway, he said he would discuss the job offer with the office manager this weekend and get back and make a proper decision on Monday. This means that I am gonna have to make my mind up properly next week. Am I gonna go for it, or be a wimp and stick with what I have.
I drove around the place for a little bit and bought a local paper to get a feel of it. I had no idea where i was or where i was going so i came home in the end. You need someone to advice you if you want to know whats what somewhere. I know myself from Oldham that there are some streets where i would like to live and others i wouldn't drive through at night.

I spoke to my mum and dad about it this afternoon on the phone, they knew all about it because I had told them when the idea first cropped up.
My dad asked me to call round tomorrow to chat about it, which seems a very strange thing for him to do. My contact with him has always been strained since I came out and we find it difficult to discuss the weather let alone a job. For him to ask me to come round and talk is unheard of.
I wonder what that’s all about?


vilges suola said...

Could it be any worse than your present job? You paint that very black. And surely the difference between Oldham and Halifax is not so great as to feel like a huge wrench? Ee, when I were nobbut 18 I went to work in France, and then at 25 in Greece an it never did me no arm, did it ummery.

Anonymous said...

Just read your post and you clearly have mixed feelings about the job and the area. If you've nowt better to do this weekend, you could try making two lists - For and Against - giving each reply a scale out of 10. Then add up the total on each side and see which comes out best.
Well, it's better than going out and getting drunk, isn't it? Naaah!
Hope seeing the family goes OK.
Take care, look forward to your news - Peter-D.

Anonymous said...

At your age you need to be changing jobs every two years or so. Each one should be a step up.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the making for and against lists. It's what I'd do, too.

But, if you're dad is a bit like mine was, then he might by now be willing to be your dad again - providing you don't start on about your bloody sex life! (his thoughts, perhaps).

He may have accepted your being gay enough to resume some sort of contact providing, as I say, that he doesn't get asked to approve of you're being gay - or indeed, anything at all about your social or sexual life.

Oh and I lived in Todmorden for some years, as you know. Halifax was quite a decent place then - is is better or worse, I wonder. I do hear that Tod. is looking a bit better again now (it's been in the doldrums too). You might even have a plan B about moving to somewhere like Tod, which I suspect is still pretty cheap. It's not Halifax and its not Hebden Bridge.

Mind you - there's also regular trains between the two and they're probably quicker than driving.

Now there's a thought.

naturgesetz said...

Your dad knows you and he knows the area. I think you should listen very carefully to what he says.

By now you know that I think you should give the Halifax job a try. But I don't know you or Oldham or Halifax. It seems to me that if you won't take a job you'd jump at if it were in Oldham, it pretty much means you'll stay in Oldham all your life. That may be fine, but it seems it will hold back your earning prospects.

Anyway, think about what your dad says, and try to decide what's really best for you.

Good luck and best wishes as you decide.