Thursday, 24 September 2009

Once upon a time

I have lots of time on my hands in the evening at the moment. I can't afford to go anywhere and suddenly finding yourself single highlights the fact that you have perhaps neglected your other friends a bit. Surprisingly they weren't sitting around by the phone waiting for you to contact them again when you had nothing better to do. They actually got on with their own lives and had other friends to be seeing and having fun with.
I must rectify that one in future, another lesson learnt. Either that or find some way of sabotaging Daniels relationship with Howard. Perhaps i should sleep with him or accuse him of trying to chat me up ? (i'm joking there by the way just in case you didn't get it). I like Howard and hope he and Daniel do stick it out. It's actually nice to have a couple of friends like that. It's the my gay equivalent of ringing mum & dad for advice and sympathy.

I went into a charity shop today and said to the guy behind the counter that i was looking for an instrument to learn. His first choice was a mouth organ !. I resisted the temptation to make a joke. Then he produced a trumpet (i kid you not) in the end he asked if i had ever heard of people playing the spoons.
He showed me how too do it (which is basically hitting them together on your legs and hands) and seemed to be enjoying the company bless him. I made my excuses and left for my lunch. The only way i wanna use a spoon is to stuff custard in my face. Can you imagine me going round to Daniels and saying "i have learnt a new instrument, wanna hear me ?......Have you got two spoons ?"

Did nothing about the french lessons again though. That one seems to be falling by the wayside only two days in. Must look into that tomorrow. I'm convinced it was just a fantasy about french men really.

Had another go at writing a story. After writing for half an hour i deleted it, crap. Write about what you know they say, but i wanna write a story, I've never done that before.
I saw a bit of Red Riding on the TV the other night and thought perhaps that is the way i should be going. It's set in the North of England. maybe i just need to think of a good story and set it where i live or have been.
Blackpool would be good. Maybe about this gay guy who murders his boyfriend and dumps him off the pier.... mmmmmm


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