Saturday, 12 September 2009

Pictures of nothing

Someone a while back said that this blog could do with more pictures. Well i can't be arsed searching the net and uploading them. I just do it now and then when i feel like it. But i get the point. On the other hand i think this page is about me not you. I log on, relive myself of all the crap of the day and log back off again. It doesn't matter to me if it looks pretty, or whether anyone reads it either.
But i have thought more about posting images.
I bought this camera from a second hand shop for £10.00. It's a bit scruffy looking and the screen at the back is a bit manky. But it works brilliantly. Jack asked me why i bought it and i said it was because my mobile camera is shit and i wanted a better one. He is always changing his phone for work and they are always the latest thing, so he gave me one of his old ones that takes brilliant pictures (see below) and i can post them direct to this blog from the phone itself.
So from no camera to two cameras all in the space of 48 hours.
Mmmmmm now what to do ?. Start posting pictures or keep them to myself ?.

I am supposed to be keeping this blog low key. I don't want pictures of myself and friends all over it. Because i write about them. The last thing i want is for them to be looking in.
Imagine my boss reading it. It doesn't' bare thinking about.
so now i have the facility to post pictures and yet i don't really want to post pictures.
It would be simple though just to take something on my phone and send it. I may experiment a bit over the next couple of days. So if you see strange shitty little pictures appear that are of absolutely nothing, don't be surprised.
Ignore them, it's just me playing.


Jason said...

I think pictures of nothing are good, Mr Two Camaera Man. lucky you.

Actually, I find it easier to take pics on my phone and blog them, then have to switch the memory card from camera to computer. Plus by sending them from the mob I can do it when out and about.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

I agree Mamabm, your blog is about you, that's what makes it interesting to read. Pictures? Yes if they help the story, not just for decoration.
Re the new job - sounds like you should go fot it. You've already mentioned things are looking iffy at your present firm, so maybe a good time to move.
Could you try commuting for a while and see how you get on? Also the cost in petrol etc? Doesn't you friend Jack live closer, if you needed to crash out somewhere in an amergency - Mambam snowbound in the Pennines!, (not sure of the geography).
You seem to be getting a lot of good advice about the day out....
Take care - Peter-D.