Saturday, 12 September 2009

What to do ?

OK dear reader. You have been great at giving me advice in the past so how about i pose a real question this time and ask you for your input ?.
Last night was just a normal Friday night out, Got drunk, had a laugh, blah, blah, blah.
But two things did happen that have left me thinking today.

One i was offered a Job !. A little bit more money, but more importantly with better job prospects and training. Better still from someone who seemed quite nice as a boss. It was a friend of Jacks dad, who i had met a couple of times before but really only got talking to him properly last night when we all went for a drink in a pub in Stockport near Jacks.
He has some sort of small manufacturing company and was looking for someone to work in the offices. He didn't have a job description because it involved everything from answering the phones to invoicing and accounts, Wages clerk, uncle tom cobbly and all.

He had a lady doing it who is part time and has worked for him for years. the place is getting busier but she doesn't want to increase her hours and he doesn't want to lose her, so he wanted someone to help her with the aim to take over much of her work as she moves towards retirement in about 3 or four years time. He said he would be prepared to send me on any course i need to learn anything i don't know and the lady who does it now would be helpful and posotive because she is asking him to get someone like me.

It all sounded good. But now comes the downside. He lives in Halifax and his company is in Halifax and i would have to either commute there or move. I immediately dismissed the idea, but the more i think about it, the more i think i should think about it. It's like being offered some great prize and then being told you will have to move away from your family and friends to have it. Anyways, he didn't push things and wasn't desperate for me to come up with an answer, He only asked me in a pub over a drink so he might be changing his mind this morning. But I'm thinking and it's left me in a bit of a quandary.

I looked on google to see how long it would take to get there via car. It said about 45 minutes. But that would either be over Saddleworth moor (very Bleak during winter), or the notorious M62 (traffic jams galore). So i think the 45 minute thing is pushing it. I tried the same thing via public transport and it said 5hour 30 minutes. That can't be right unless i go via Aberdeen.
Anyway, i need to research this more.

Number two is much better. Jack asked if i could get a couple of days off work next week. If i can, i could come with him when he does some work on the West coast of the UK. Lake District, Morecambe, Blackpool, lytham etc. His company will be paying for him to stay over night and although he will be traveling around all day, he will be alone all evening so if could come, we can share a room (Nudge wink).

But what will my boss think ?. especially after the window incident. Dare i ask him on Monday if i can be off on Tuesday ?.
What to do? I do hate my job and i would like a better one. But do i hate it enough to move away or have to travel a distance that isn't as far as it looks, but traffic wise would be a pain in the arse?. (maybe i'm just trying to find excuses for myself) and am i prepared to jeopardise my job for a filthy couple of days away next week ?

I'm told it's gonna be sunny ;-).
MMmmmmmm. I'll have a drink tonight and discuss it with Jack more.


Anonymous said...

I am at a disadvantage as I live in the US. I know people who travel an hour each way without a problem. Why don't you drive it one business day to see what it is like (same time as you would if you were going to that place to work). I would also meet with the woman who you will be replacing and get a feel of what it would be like to work with her. Also, you have to balance the money. Increase?? Also, would you consider relocating to Halifax if you like the job?? I really don't have any advice on the situation with Jack.. I think you know the right answer to that one. As a business owner myself I would let you off if it wouldn't put the business in a hardship..

Godfrey said...

yeah, i think the US is more accepting of traveling far for work. i would make sure you'd actually enjoy the job first of all. you could always find a place half way so you could still be close enough to friends and family and still not be too far from the job. i don't know much about the area though. As for Jack, I would definitely try and take off. Especially if it won't disrupt things too much if you aren't there for a day or two.

Pilgrim said...

I would consider the new job offer seriosly, but not leave your current one before you have a positive answer. As for the 2nd, it is tempting, but you should not abstain from work during week for some questionable fun. Propz Pilgrim

Ryan said...

About the job...

You should def think hard about it. Driving every day, especially in the UK, would be a far change from over here in the US. That said, relocating would maybe not be such a big deal. You could still come to visit your family and friends on the weekends if you wanted and i am sure you will meet new ones there. Also, one of the most important things in life, as most people will tell you, is to be happy with your job. Which you are currently not. I say, if the money turns out right and the lady is nice GO FOR IT! If you don't, you will always look back and wonder.

The Time off...

Again, go for it. Jack must really want you to go and it sounds like you of course do. If you boss is a good manager the he will have cooled down already about the window and as long as your work can handle you being gone for a day or two it shouldn't be a problem. Also, you hate it there anyways so just make it sound really important and if he doesn't give it off. Blow honkeys in his nose, quit and move to halifax! j/k

Lots of love and best luck,

Jason said...

The new job sounds good, travel could be a bit of an arse at times, but, hey, new job, new experiences and all that. Go for it.

Yeah ask the boss for tuesday off, the worst that can happen is he'll say no. What ya got to loose.

naturgesetz said...

I deffo think you should go for the job in Halifax. At least check into it, as the first commenter said. And if it still looks like something you'd prefer to your current job, go for it.

As others have pointed out, a 45 minute commute isn't long by U.S. standards. Moving to halifax is a possibility. Or how about moving to somewhere in between that's about 25 minutes from work and 25 minutes from friends and family. Not ideal for getting drunk on Friday nights and having to drive home. But then you're old enough to realise that getting drunk isn't the purpose of drinking. One or two, three in a long evening is a better approach, IMO.

There are always trade-offs, but IMO at your age you shouldn't let yourself get stuck in a situation you hate. You will still be able to maintain your friendships, and you may meet a lot of other people you'll be glad to know. Advance your career.

My advice might be different if you had to move to the other side of the world for the job, but 45 minutes away is as nothing.

As for the time with Jack — you know your boss and I don't, so I'll just say, don't tick him off. And it's more important to take a couple of days to check out the other job.

Good luck.

vilges suola said...

Could it be worse than your present job?

Oldham or Halifax... Christ,what a choice. Like deciding if you'd prefer Wormwood Scrubbs or Strangeways. However, think of the drive in winter snow and wind, and Halifax might seem the better choice.

Re time off - can't you just phone in sick?

vilges suola said...

PS:'You should not abstain from work for some questionable fun'! I don't see anything questionable about it, it sounds like a dead cert to me.

Paul said...

From what you've written I think you live in the Oldham area. If so the rail journey from Rochdale is about 45 minutes. There's no rail service from Oldham after the end of this month.I'd consider moving up there, it's close enough to keep in touch with family/friends and it's a beautiful area. Try Todmorden or Hebden Bridge?