Friday, 11 September 2009

Forget the week it's over

All these people giving me advice about not going to Dave's party the other night. telling me how terrible it will be, the type of men i would meet and how seedy it will be. And all of it from the position of someone who's given it a go themselves and didn't like it.

Spoilsports ! (LOL). Actually Dave rang and asked where i was, i told him Jack didn't want me to go (if in doubt blame someone else) and then he said "but everyone is waiting for you!". Perhaps i was right not to go......or was it ?. MMMmmm, i'll never know.

Anyways i have enough problems today. I’m in trouble at work. I chased a wasp around the office and tried to swat it with a rolled up newspaper. In doing so i knocked a plant pot over and it fell against a huge window. The window cracked and it’s gonna cost a fortune to replace.

I will probably laugh about it in years to come because it was a real Laurel & Hardy moment. But it didn’t go down well today. In my haste to catch this plant pot as I knocked it off the top of a filing cabinet I made things worse by trying to juggle with it with for a few seconds throwing soil all over the place, include into my own face, mouth and hair, all over the desk and carpet, Before completely losing control and practically slamming it into the window.
Then I did that freeze frame moment you do when something horrific happens, standing still like a statue few seconds as the reality of what had just happened sunk in. And all to the soundtrack of gasps from the audience sitting across from me at the next desk.

Shit, fuck & Hairy balls is the phrase that comes to mind.
The boss came in to take a look. I can’t repeat what he said here without setting up Adult content blogger blocking. But it wasn’t oh deary me, never mind, don’t worry about it everything will be ok.
It was more like Shit fuck and cut yer balls off really.

Sod it. i'll deal with that crap on Monday because we all know what time it is now don't we people ?
it's Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedddddddd!

Hope you all have a good one, have fun people whilst you can.


vilges suola said...

Your boss sounds like the Cunt from Hell - humourless, graceless and mean. Hope you are still on the lookout for a better job.

Pilgrim said...

Ignorant! Propz Pilgrim

Ryan said...

Thank god it happened on a friday! Maybe he will cool off by Monday!!
Good luck! have a great weekend as well and thanks!

Lots of love,

Allen said...

oh well that is what insurance is for. I wouldnt worry to much about it.

If I was there, I would have been happy that you at lest tried to kill the wasp. Cause I am allergic to them.


Mambam said...


Correct, i couldn't have put it better myself


If i was talking to my mum i think i would have your description rather than Vilges.


It happened at lunch time and he was still seething by the time i went home to don't bank on it.


I'll repeat what you say word for word on Monday and see what the reaction is.
I don't normally kill wasps or any other creature come to think of it. Only when they piss me off and decide to swarm around my head and annoy me for hours on end.
Then they are dicing with death.