Thursday, 10 September 2009

I disagree

In a world where wars are raging and people are killing each other on a daily basis, it’s always amusing to note the silliest arguments that make up a normal day in my life.
At the time they seem important, but on my death bed I’ll be wondering what the hell I was so het up about.
We are all the same, and anyone who says they have never had a silly argument over something ridiculous or petty is a liar. But i think i would be a nightmare to live with. I like things to be right and i'm very anal about cleanliness.

For example:

Tonight after the gym, Daniel came back to my place and I made him something to eat (Beans & egg on Toast + 3 slices of bread). To show his gratitude he said that he would wash up afterwards. As he did so I continued talking to him and watching what he was doing. His parents have a dish washer at home so when they wash up all they do is rinse them in the sink to take off the worst and stack them in a basket.
He must have forgotten how to wash up properly by hand because every time he put a plate on the draining board I took it back off again and made him give it a proper wash. There was still bloody food stuck on it., he didn’t even give it a rub, he just sort of dunked it in the water (food and all) then rinsed it under the tap.

Then he swilled the forks and I made him do them again as well. And because he didn’t scrape the plates properly before he started the water was like sludge with half a dozen beans floating around on top so I told him his washing up was crap. In the end he told me to do my own bloody washing up and I made him shift out of the way whilst I did it properly. I rejected all his plates and cups and started again. Ha!

This may sound a bit petty on my part but Daniel is the sort of person who is just as fussy the other way round. When i was dishing out his meal i had strict instructions not to let the beans touch the egg and i got a bollocking because the toast is cut into half and not strips. (LOL)
We both ended up laughing about it but it’s a regular thing with me and Daniel.

I remember having a row over a newspaper once because when he gave it back to me all the pages were in the wrong order. Then there was the one about who moved a key from the bottom hook to one 6 inches higher up and not mentioned it, why it’s bollocks that carrots help you to see in the dark, and how having a wank in the morning is better than one at night.
Henry Kissinger, where are you when your needed ?


Ryan said...

Sounds like a very loving argumentitive state, and very fun to hear about! One question, what did you disagree about?

Lots of love,

jlo said...

I hope this doesn't offend you. But this sounds like the type of arguments that you have when you are married. lol I have the same kind of arguments all the time. LOVE AND HUGS

Anonymous said...

A wank at night helps me sleep.

A wank in the morning wakes me up.

Why is that ?