Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Spoke to Jack about me going to Dave's party tonight. It seemed to go down pretty well really. He told me that if i did, i was dumped and he would never speak to me ever again.

'It's not a party, it's blokes shagging each other' he said. Porn, booze, sex. And that is supposed to put me off ?. Then he reminded me the last time we went over. The type of men we saw. there was nothing wrong with them as such, but would i want to have sex with them all at the same time ?. Still he's not really convincing me not to go.
I suppose fantasy and reality are two different things but every time he started telling me what would be going on it turned me on rather than off. LOL.
Anyway I'm not going so he can calm down. But i suggested he doesn't use the line "do you really wanna be in the middle of a mass gangbang with a group of old blokes going at you like a pack of animals ?". Er......... give me a minute whilst i think about that one.

So instead i could go over to Jacks couldn't i ?. Well no because he is tired and wants an early night tonight, he has to be up early tomorrow and travel to London.

Daniel is with Howard for the night and Rachel is with her boyfriend as well.
How sad. I'm all alone with no-one to comfort me or talk to. I'm reaching for the tissues right now. And it's not to wipe away a tear. ;-)
What was the reason i wasn't supposed to go to the party for again ?. Oh yes, that's it.


Michael Rivers said...

The trouble with these types of parties is you never know what you'll get. I've been to some and there are AMAZING guys all having a very hot time. Then I've been to a few others---not so much.

Mambam said...

Yes that's it Michael, i want to go to one with all the amazing guys in. I'll just stick my head round the door and if i don't like what i see i'll go home.

Ryan said...

I think that it could have been fun, but you definetely never know what your gonna get.

Interesting that going would result in getting dumped though....that isnt fun at all!

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

Mambam old lad, you are young, fit, good looking and talented - you have no place at a gay orgy, about as much fun as a wife swapping party for middle aged straights. As MR and Ryan have pointed out, you never know what you might get. Precisely. Sorry for the sermon.
You take care now, Peter-D.