Tuesday, 10 November 2009


My job seems to be going ok at the moment. I'm getting into the swing of things and everyone seems ok.
Better still i get to move about a bit more than i did in my previous job.

I'm not tied to a desk and have a more varied set of tasks to do in a week.
One day i can be in the office full time, the next i can be in the warehouse checking purchase orders and stock. I might be invoicing to customers or calculating wages, Or i could be typing letters and filing things away.

I'm probably a Jack of all trades, master of none. But it's much more enjoyable and i get to meet more of the people who work here by getting outta the office and around the factory.
It's funny how stereotypes don't really translate into reality nowadays. The fella at the next desk to me came from university and earns a fortune. He reads the Sun newspaper, describes women as "birds" and listens to Radio One.
Whereas one of the guys in the warehouse who had very little education and earns peanuts, listens to classical music and Radio Four whilst reading the Telegraph and buying antiques off ebay.

I like old things. My family don't have any antiques. My mum would have thrown them away thinking they were just old. I remember her chucking an old antique coffee table away because it looked "done" and replacing it with a glass and metal affair. But i wouldn't know the difference between something that was worthless or priceless anyway.
This statue in the picture would appeal to me, but i think it's more to do with the subject matter than anything else.
I wouldn't care if it was real or fake.
It would go in my bedroom i think. I imagine it would be a nice piece of art to feel don't you ?.


Anonymous said...

Good to know the job is going okay. And congratulations - I've never come across anyone who can go through a weekend like you describe, and come up smiling - more or less - 24 hours later. Take care as always - Peter-D.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for following my blog. I like yours too and have been checking it periodically.
By the way, even though you are too young for me, I still appreciate the beauty. You are one hot dude.

naturgesetz said...

That is a nice piece of art. From the url when I clicked on the picture, I gather it's a copy of a sculpture from the 3rd century B.C. You have good taste.

And I'm glad you're enjoying the job.

Mambam said...

Who said i feel better ?. There was a time when i was ok in 24 hours but not any more

Thanks for that i will be watching you

I like any art that depicts naked men. Especially if its realistic

raulito said...

I put a little promo of your blog in mine

Anonymous said...

If it's only the subject matter... :)
Here you'll find the statue in the right context: