Monday, 9 November 2009

The Perils of Drink

I still feel a little bit delicate today. Yesterday i was even worse, Headache, tired, feeling sick. I think i have Wine Flu. LOL.
I don't know if it's to do with the amount i drank on Saturday night or the fact that i didn't sleep much so practically partied around the clock.
We went to a bonfire first and there was free drinks and food, so that was that until Daniel said he was freezing his bollocks off, so back to his and Howard's to change out of our muddy, shitty cloths and into something worth going out in.

I nearly stopped there and didn't bother going out. You can't take a break during a drinking session. It either makes you tired or sober.
But with a little push from the others we all went out and after about an hour i don't really remember much.
I was absolutely blathered and spent much of Sunday morning with my head down the toilet.
God knows how i drove home at lunchtime, I'm sure that if i had been pulled over and breathalysed i would have failed.
I don't think i was completely sober from the night before, what was i thinking?. But i just wanted to get home and in my own bed.
As i always say at times like that. NEVER AGAIN !.
Well not until next time anyway.

I'm just glad i didn't go off with Steve. Apparently we saw him and i was gonna go over to say hello.
But Daniel dragged me back. He was right, if i had gone home with him god knows what i would have got up to. I would have been completely open to anything.
God it makes me shiver at the thought.
Quite a horny thought i might add, but not one i would have liked to be thinking about in reality today.
My guard was down and I'm pretty sure safe sex and sensible thinking would have been an afterthought, he could have done anything to me. And Steve being Steve, he probably would.
Daniel Saved me.


Jason Shaw said...

wow, looks like a mother of all weekends!

Cash said...

I've only been to London, so my exposure to your peoples spectrum of accents is pretty limited. Though I hope it's not like the guy in the video about binge drinking in your town. The one who got a beating over the head with a bottle. I couldn't understand a word he said. In case it is like that guy's, it's a lovely accent.