Sunday, 8 November 2009

Hung over

Had a really heavy night last night. I went to a Bonfire and there was lots of free drink so i went mad a bit. I feel sick today.
I can't be arsed blogging, so heres a picture of a pretty person instead


Anonymous said...

Yeah that's true.

He is a pretty person!

Drink lots of stuff which is not alcoholic - which, if you had done it last night, would save you feeling so dehydrated now. You've pissed all the liquid away!

I hope it was great and well worth it though!

Mambam said...

I'm trying to drink as much as possible. It just keep coming back up.
Never again!

Jason Shaw said...

He is a pretty lad indeed, enough to bring a lump to the ermm well. ya!

Cash said...

I read a bunch of your posts today, You're a very funny dude. In my head, I instinctively fake a British accent while reading. haha

El said...

awwwwh I hope your feeling better today! =) xo xo :el fano:

:el fano: said...

awwwwh I hope your feeling better today! =) xo xo :el fano:

Mambam said...

I think i can see he has his own lump ;-)

Thanks, but i wonder what type of british accent you imagine.
It's certainly nothing like Hugh Grant i can assure you ;0(

El & :el fano
I feel a little bit better.
I'm told alcohol is worse than drugs for poisoning your body. I can well believe it.