Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hello Stranger

I'm going home for tonight. I can stay at Howard and Daniels and we can have a night out in Mancs.
Unfortunately this will involve sleeping on Howard's Sofa, but at least i'll have a break from working on the house.

I don't know if i'm turning into an alcoholic or something but i actually feel like a drink. Or is it just that i fancy getting out of here. Weekends aren't just about meeting friends and having fun. It's about change. Doing something different than that you do the rest of the week. It breaks the monotony. I'm sure that if i partied every night of the week i'd probably look forward to a weekend of office boredom.

I'm not knocking this place but i have still yet to see anyone i fancy. there seems to be very little totty about. Most of the blokes on this estate look like they would kick your head in rather than say hello. And hald of them look like they ain't had a bath since September. Perhaps it's just me. It's the same In Oldham i suppose, but i know more people there so it seems less intimidating. I have mates who look like thugs, But that's just it, they only look like them. If you met them they would be ok with you.
But how do you make friends in a world where saying hello to strangers just comes across as weird ?.
It's just not something people do anymore is it?. I've done it myself.

Me & Daniel were once sat next to a guy in a pub, he struck up a conversation over something or nothing and we couldn't shake him off. In the end we got up and moved away.
It seemed a bit strange. We didn't know him, who was he ?, what did he want?. why was he talking to us ?. What did he mean by "do you know any places worth visiting around here ?"
The guy was obviously a freak or pervert trying to get a shag out of us or something.

Or perhaps with hindsight he was just being friendly....

Anyway, just to show how the tables turn. I'm out in Manchester tonight. and Hopefully i'll bump into one of those perverts looking to take advantage of me LOL

P.s. The photo at the side bares no relevance to this post. I'm just trying to make my blog look a bit prettier by adding the odd picture.
Well i think it's pretty anyway.
I'd shag him. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Oh come on!

Just because someone - well, I mean - if he really was trying to chat you and your mate up - even if he did fancy a shag with either or both of you - does that make him a pervert?

You're not really still 13 and in short trousers are you?

Do you think everyone who might want to shag with you is a pervert?

Alright - you did say perhaps he wasn't afterwards - but honestly!

Nice to have any offer of a floor or a settee if you fancy a late night out in the northern smoke, eh?

At least means no treck home and no having to accept anyone for sex because you need a bed.

vilges suola said...

I really think there's a dire shortage of good-looking blokes in England, especially up north. (That's where I'm from, in case anybody thinks I'm an outsider slagging them off.)In Greece, where I lived for 15 years, your head swivvels so much and so often to ogle young male beauty it almost drops off. Where we get our own back is in middle age - Greek blokes don't keep.There. I've said it.

Mambam said...


Yes Sadly i have done that. In my defence when i'm with my mates chatting about crap i don't want a stranger butting in and trying to join the conversation. But you are right and i'm getting the other side to that now.

At this time of year everyone is walking round in black and coats that look like bits of old sack.
I always think that if we lived in a country where it was sunny all the time and we all wore less cloths, they might look after the bodies they have on show more.
No one seems to give a shit here.