Friday, 6 November 2009

Checking out the area

To one side of me there is a family, to the other is a woman in her 40s, i think, i don't really know i rarely see her.
She lives on her own, and has about three hundred cats from what i can see. She is very quiet and has no visitors. I never hear a TV or Radio sound coming through the walls and she doesn't seem to come outside much.
Her garden looks like an overgrown field and her garden shed is falling to bits. Literally. When It got windy the other day a piece of the roof blew off and a window dropped out. She looks a bit mousy and wears glasses. A sort of cross between a train spotter and stamp collector with a mix of librarian and computer geek thrown in for good measure .

I don’t really know much about the rest of the street. No one speaks to each other by the look of it. They drive straight up to their garage doors, open, drive in, and disappear into their houses for the next 12 hours before reappearing again the next morning and driving off again.

Halifax is quite a hilly area. No good for anyone with a bike. There is even a weird looking white ski slope overlooking the town, that stands out like a sore thumb from the crevice of a two sloping green hills.
But that's not unusual because the famous Halifax Building Society head office looks like the titanic sinking into a sea of old fashioned buildings as far as i am concerned. It's all 1970's architecture, big, flash and looks totally out of place.

Driving around here is crap. Every 100 yards there is either a pelican crossing, traffic lights or a junction. You just get going before you have to stop again. There seems to be a Pizza takeaway on every corner and you can tell instantly whether your in an affluent area or a poor one.

The town center is a very busy drinking den. There is a pub or a club within two steps and staggering distance of each other. But all of it seems totally heterosexual and completely Barron of any Gay Nightlife whatsoever.

I can't see myself spending many nights out in this place. I'll be traveling over to Manchester i think. I'm already onto that one. How do i get over there for a night out ?. I'll let you know tomorrow.
Cos i'm giving things a rest here. I need a break. Even if i am skint, i'm still going out tomorrow night, by hook or by crook. I'll get the money from somewhere.
I'll have to get myself down by the station and offer one blow job for two drinks, three for a shag. Five and I'm anybodies anyway, so you can do what you like LOL .


Anonymous said...

It's gotta be better than trying to live in M/c, Bradford or Leeds - even if most gay life is somewhere else, but unless you actually lived on Canal Street or Chorlton Street (ugh!) you'd still have to commute for fun!

Mind you - why not put yourself on the game? You'll also soon be able to accept house calls (by appointment, obviously!)

vilges suola said...

'Barren', babe, not 'Baron'. Sorry. It's weekend, must stop being a teacher for 48 hours. Sorry to hear the nightlife is not to your liking. Try Huddersfield??? It used to be the queer capital of ... well, there were a lot of poufs.

naturgesetz said...

I agree with you about the building. The one on the right looks so much better. I don't know what disease makes architects think the new thing looks good next to the old.

Sorry you haven't found someplace to go in Halifax. Keep your eyes peeled.

Mambam said...

I agree, it just seemed closer when i lived in Oldham. Perhaps i'm just homesick.

Thanks for that 'sir' anything else i can do for you sir ? LOL
My Dad had a god awful tape in the car at one time by some unfunny comedians called the Barron Knights. I think that is where i got the spelling from.
Huddersfield is my next port of call, but i want Daniel to come over for that one.

There are some nice building here, But quite a lot of them are spoilt with dirty great big advertising signs all over them.
And yes i'll find my way round eventually

naturgesetz said...

BTW, if the poufs are in Huddersfield, are the cows in Uddersfield?

Anonymous said...

It may not be for you but you never know.