Wednesday, 11 November 2009

How to look good naked

I watched a little bit of 'How to look good naked' on the telly the other night.

For those who don't live in the UK, it's one of those fashion shows where a gay man tells fat women how sexy they are and to prove it, he humiliates them for 45 minutes, then dresses them up like a tart and parades them in front of a group of strangers at a shopping mall, before bullying them into stripping off completely to prove they are cured of fatism.
It always amazes me how women will swallow any old crap concerning fashion as long as it comes out of the gob of a gay man. If their husbands or any other heterosexual fella started giving them tips on make up or cloths and started degrading them in front of strangers they would probably tell him to piss off.

But for some reason it's all allowed as long as he's gay, talks camp, acts like an acid queen and dresses like a complete and utter pillock himself.
I just wish one of these women would turn round and say 'have you looked in the mirror recently yourself love ?, you took a twat'.

Now if it were all about telling men how to look sexy and making them walk around in their pants, that would be different.
After that finished there was a Science documentary on BBC 2 called Why do we talk ?.
Another bloody program for women.

We are fast approaching winter here in the UK and by about 4.30 in the afternoon it gets cold and dark. Add to that a downpour of rain, wintry winds, and everyone walking around wearing black and you can imagine how depressing it all seems.
I hate winter, I get home from work, close the curtains turn the fire on and that’s it, day over.
There is no incentive to do anything or go anywhere. Now i'm bloody painting all the time and all the excitement of moving is turning into a chore.
But i've finished the Bathroom, Bedroom, most of the main room and quite a lot of the hallway.
The Kitchen will have to wait and the Garage looks like the inside of a skip, but i'm getting there.

I read in the paper yesterday that an Australian Hacker claims to be the first person to infect the Apple I-phone with a virus.
Well done, congratulations, what a clever man.
Tosspot !


vilges suola said...

Think also of how many hopeful women DON'T get onto that show, or shows like it. That Gok bloke must necessarily only choose the ones he sees some potential in - the rest must get told 'sorry, love, you really are a dog, fuck off out of it.'

I LOVE the winter! Get home, shut the curtains, candles lit, garlicky herby food cooking, red wine... What's not to like?

Dzyan said...

Was the answer on the "why do we talk?" show "so we don´t use our mouths for eating everything that doesn´t move and that which moves slower than us and so we don´t get to MAKE shows like `how to good look naked´"? because that´s as straight an answer you´ll ever get. But not everything is bad about having women appreciating our fashion advice, you can make fun of everyone for whatever reason and they´ll laugh louder than you ever heard one laughing, AND it will be socially acceptable for a gay guy to do that, now try a straight guy doing that and he would be hunted down by a pack of the angriest mall walkers, because after all, we´re all fabulous -even if you´re not (like me), it´s a gift granted by your sexual choice-

Sorry it´s so cold over there, you want we have some sun we could spare you, there´s always room for one more. Hope you finish moving soon.


Mambam said...

What's not to like ?.
It's cold.

We sound like woman haters don't we ?. But it's just not true.
I just want them to stip a guy in a shopping mall instead thats all.
And i'll be glad to have some of your sun.
Yes please

jlo said...

i have watched that show here in the U.S. on BBCAmerica. I don't know weather they believe what they are being told or just want to be on TV. but it can be fun to watch. LOVE AND HUGS

Dzyan said...

I definitely not hate women, I like them, I´ve even dated a few, what I don´t like it´s people getting too comfortable and after that getting all depressed they´re overweighted when there´s only one person to blame, this goes for guys too, and yeah, I might be too harsh, but if people can get over it, why can´t they.

Also, if you´re so kind, go here:


Put The Lotion In The Basket said...

Living in London of course I get the delights of seeing all kinds of gay twats dressed in the latest fashionable clothes.
My favouite at the moment is a guy in Reiss who dresses like 'Ugly Betty'

Anonymous said...

Yeah even if gay people only account for a pessimistic 5% of the population - where are our tv and radio programmes?