Monday, 16 November 2009

I think i'm one of them

Everyone in the office is talking about the X Factor. For those that don't live in the UK, it's our equivalent of American Idol, Simon Cowshit and all.
It's the noisiest show on Telly and i always have to turn the sound down when it's on. Sometimes off completely when Jedward are singing.

I feel lost when people are talking about a show that i don't watch. It's like Soap operas or heavy rock music. It passes me by and i have no interest.

I once had a really strained conversation with a guy who started talking about what he considered to be "the greatest comedy show of all time".
As it turned out it was Mash. Never seen it, never been interested in it.
I'm sure it's brilliant, but not for me. It's a bit like Laurel and Hardy. I once found myself pissing myself laughing at one of their films and was hooked. I convinced Daniel to watch one with me. It was shit. They were about 60 in this one, and they looked like a couple of old men trying to act like kids. We both lost interest and turned over.

Anyways, i mentioned the fact that i wasn't interested and it was suggested in a humorous way that i perhaps was more of a Strictly Come Dancing Man.
Then they realised that it might sound a bit offence (your gay so you must like ballroom dancing) and it all went quiet for a bit.
I thought that was funnier than a Laurel and Hardy moment. People don't know what to say anymore do they ?. I knew they didn't mean anything by it, but they got offended for me.
You just know don't you ? when it's said in jest with no meaning, and when it's really meant to be offencive. Well i do anyway.


naturgesetz said...

Thanks for the link to Jedward. I'd seen a pic somewhere, but not a performance. They really are kinda not good.

Anonymous said...

How can you not like heavy rock music?

Gauss Jordan said...

I know precisely what X Factor is. You know why? Because Top Gear moved an hour:

"We had no choice really: X Factor on at the same time with the Results Show, Cowell on storming form, the whole nation glued – we know when to bravely bugger off and wait until the storm passes." - on

I download a torrent of Top Gear and usually have it by 7PM local time the same night it's aired in the UK. I'm now annoyed that I have to wait an extra hour to get my Top Gear fix.

Juz said...

Greetings from Cape Town,
Gosh, I miss UK TV. Nothing like pulling a sicki and watching daytime trash. Just stumbled onto your blog.
Thanks for sharing. I will be back.

Allen said...

I took my T.V. and sold it in a yard sale. I was over it. T.V. back in the day was a fun entertainment. But these days its nothing but commercials and depressing.

Anonymous said...

I agree- top gear getting pushed back was garbage!!!

Mambam said...

They sing badly but i'd still shag 'em.

Slave Simon
It's just the ones where people scream rather than sing that get on my tits.....oh and Iron Maiden as well

Gauss Jordan
The problem is that because no one dare go up against X Factor there is nothing else to watch. Thats why the viewing figures are throught the roof. Top Gear new series. I missed it because BBC keep doing this thing where they fill a new series with old episodes, so you don't watch thinking you've seen it and it turns out to be a new one. Did the same with QI

Welcome to the pleasuredome

Internet killed the TV Star

I missed it so i'll have to watch it online.

Kyle said...

PCness gone wrong. I have had that happen many times. There is nothing like that silence.