Sunday, 15 November 2009


Another weekend and i'm going nowhere.

You can't have everything i suppose, But buying this house has put a severe dampener on my social life and i need to do something about it. I'm skint for starters and i need to find some new mates in this area so those are the two area that need tackling. Once this weekend is over i'm gonna stop spending money on the house and stick something away for fun so that's that for starters.
Next up where do i find new friends ?. Local Pub ?, LGBT group ?, Local Community help group ?.

NO ! a pervy online gay dating website. LOL. I'm a lazy git arn't i ?. It's just too easy to log on. And besides it was pissing it down outside so better to meet someone before you meet someone, if you get my meaning.
He looked alright in the picture, but he had more spots in the flesh. His name was Paul and i won't be seeing him again.
It's just not me this Internet dating thing. I might sound like i'm contradicting myself here but if i meet someone in person and i like what i see, i'm up for it and can be a bit of a relentless slapper if i have also had a drink. A picture online seems to miss all the foreplay. That's the exciting bit for me. In fact it's the most important bit really. I get bored after that.
I have had an email from a fellow blogger that i vaguely know from the past, he lives in the area but is much older than me and not my type so i might contact him just to chat (but that's all).

Anyway i have decided to move to plan B. I have invited Daniel over for the weekend next week whilst Howard is away and we will go and check out the local Town Centre drinking dens.
Or perhaps look closer to my home and see if there is anywhere worth a visit. It would be nice to find some like minded people i can get to know.

By the way, if you're thinking what has all this got to do with the picture ?. The answer is, nothing, it just made me laugh that's all.

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