Saturday, 14 November 2009

Dirty Words

Not much time to blog today, i'm finishing painting this weekend. But as i have five minutes to spare lets write the first shit that comes into my head and then post a picture shall i?.

When i was a kid my parents never described my Penis as a penis, It was a Tail or a willy (LOL).
I don't know if this is just a northern expression but girls bits were called their tuppence, or pee pee (snigger)
I always wondered what Porn film would be like if they still used the words they were taught when they were kids.
Stick your tail into my tuppence big boy doesn't have that same ring about it does it ?.


vilges suola said...

Definitely a Northern thing - I have a 'tail' as well, but I prefer cock, knob or prick as a way of designating it now. My mother even started using 'tail' in reference to my father's when he became helpless with Alzheimers. I wished she wouldn't, it was excruciating. Also she'd ask him 'do you need a poo?' If only he had had the presence of mind to tell her as he would have done five years earlier 'no, love, but I could do with a fucking good crap.'

Mambam said...

I shall always think of you as a prick (LOL)
I always laugh when i see the Simpsons, The asian shop keeper is called A Poo

vilges suola said...

Thank you. And knowing what a wanker you are, may I refer you to my latest blog post, about some software you might consider buying.