Friday, 13 November 2009

Rude awakening

I'm lying in bed half asleep this morning drifting in and out of consciousness, when i suddenly realise that its the day for the bin men to come and collect the rubbish.
So i jump outta bed in just my undies and run down stairs to put the bins out. Then i run back up again realising that i'm almost naked.
Then i run back down again because my clean cloths are in a case in the main room as i'm still in the process of moving and decorating.
Then i run back up stairs again because i forgot that i took the case upstairs last night before i went to bed.
Then i run back down again because i didn't take the case upstairs after all, it was a dream, i just stuck it behind the kitchen door.
So i get to the kitchen door when the bin man walks past the window and sees me looking knackered, naked, and pissing myself laughing at how stupid the whole situation was.


Paul said...

Lucky binman!

naturgesetz said...

After all that did you actually get your rubbish collected?

I'd probably have dashed out in my undies if I thought there might not be enough time to put more on. I'd hope to do it quick enough that nobody would notice. But if I were starkers, I'd probably wait till next week.

Pilgrim said...

Just *LOL*infer

jlo said...

I would have just taken it out in my undies, wait I don't wear undies to bed so I probably would have just taken my chances getting the bin out naked. LOVE AND HUGS

raulito said...

Not half as bad as what happened to me last month...I ran after the garbage truck with two bags and I yelled: "I don't want to miss the pick up" to which the guy behind answered: "no, that's ok, jump right in"
I was of course devastated

Anonymous said...

Paul beat me to it.