Thursday, 26 November 2009

Mr Fix it

I have been feeling a little bit under the weather today. Not ill, just a bit off.
Can't be arsed to do anything, that sort of ill. Run down and drained. I could still find time for a ham shank before i went to bed last night mind you so i can't be that ill. (Ham Shank is rhyming slang by the way, i don't mean something to eat ;-))

I have invited Ryan to come and look at my computer this weekend. He's a bit of a whizz on them and i want it speeding up. My Broadband connection is now better so it would be good to see if i can speed my computer up as well.
Then i realised i might be best removing some of the porn from my folders. It wouldn't exactly be a Gary Glitter moment if he found anything but i wouldn't embarrass him with some of the stuff i look at.. The pictures i post here are very tame compared i can assure you, it's all legal but filthy.
I don't know why i bother though. It's freely available online so why download it ?. Perhaps because i save things i like and store it away for future use ?. Then i have a sort of pornographic magazine that only contains pictures that turn me on.
What must it have been like in days when people actually looked at proper paper porn mags ?. Turning a page with one hand trying to find something that keeps up the momentum ? LOL. Imagine turning for the next shot and finding an advert for a packet of fags. Ha! that would kill things stone dead i should imagine.
Anyways i'm wandering of the subject.

Ryan said he might bring his mate over and they can look at it together. Before anyone says or suggests anything. Ryan is not my type, he's too young, and he's not gay OK ?.


andrewwillias10 said...

prefer spanking the monkey myself. why dont you get some bears for ryan and his mate sounds like he needs to come out of his shell.maybe its the cold thats put you off colour

Mambam said...

Yes it's definitly the cold. It's bloody freezing all of a sudden. Or is it me ?.

Anonymous said...

dads Irish its wot he would say get away ya big fuuuuukin woos only the bledin cold

naturgesetz said...

I guess it's just a question of whether you want that to be among the first things he and his mate know about you. Can you copy the files to a disk and delete them from the computer for now (if you *must* have them at all — lol)?

I suppose you're talking about the exterio(u)r cold, but maybe turn the thermostat back up just a degree or two for comfort when you come in from the cold.

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Anonymous said...

It's ham shandy down here in the tropical south.